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Have you ever heard about white labeling? What is this and how sellers around the world use this to develop their own business. Read on to find out all about white labeling and top white label products help you to turn artistic ideas to coins and dollars. 

What is white labeling?

If you want to become your own boss, white labeling can help all your dreams come true in a blink of an eye. White labeling is a process in which one product or service is sold and rebranded under another company’s brand. A business can choose these non-branded products, customize them by adding their personal touches such as logo, image or slogan to each item. 

what is white label

One feature of white label products is that they are mass manufactured and customized for several brands. White label products can be bulk ordered, drop shipped or printed on demand. 

Selling white label products is ideal for those who want to catch on a trend without having to create or manufacture their own products. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of White Labeling

white label

As many other business models, white labeling is a two-edged sword with both advantages and disadvantages. 

The Advantages of White Labeling

White label products allow resellers to gain access to products without the need to go through research and manufacture. This is a time efficiency way for small business or sellers 

 with low financial resources,... Since sellers do not have to care much about creating products from scratch, they can expand their service, come up with unique ideas to broaden their business with more product lines. 

white label pros

White labeling is usually used in Print On Demand because it allows sellers to cut down on upfront investment, save their time and money for market research, making or manufacturing products themself. All print on demand suppliers use white label products to allow their seller to imprint their brand or design on them. 

The Disadvantages of White Labeling

When employing white labeling items, it is difficult to control product quality, especially for those that perform Print On Demand or Dropshipping. Typically, POD or Drop Shipping merchants do not maintain inventory to retain things; instead, they develop artworks, put them to Mockup, and market them to sell on online platforms. When customers place an order for a product, a Print On Demand supplier will handle the shipping, packing, and printing....

Another downside of white label products is that the same product may be sold by many sellers. This leaves a highly competitive market and sellers can easily get lost in the shuffle. In order to stand out from other brands, persuade customers to choose your products, you can diversify your product categories, come up with unique designs, build a strong brand story and improve customer experience,... 

Top white labels products to sell online

Now you have some basic information about white labeling, if you want to kick start your own business buy using white label products. You can look at some most popular products with high demand right below!


A T-shirt is a basic item that everyone owns at least one in their wardrobe. Sellers can sell T-shirts all year round. Print On Demand can take white label T-shirts to a new level and draw more customers’ attention by using creative and attractive design.

Many sellers love selling T-shirts because it’s an affordable way to keep costs low and maximize their profit margin. There are plenty of quality options that won’t break your bank and help you grow your business gradually as you’re just starting.

If you’re finding some suppliers providing excellent T-shirts with high quality, you can consider T-shirts from Printway, Printway provides T-shirts made in the US with short processing time, low base cost with ideal material for multiple printing methods. 

All Printway T-shirts range fromClassic Unisex T-shirt, Comfort T-shirt,Ladies T-shirtoffering a lowprice, so they’re perfect if you want to offer your customer more value. You can also make more profit per item.


Tumblers have become very trendy in the recent year because they are more sustainable and friendly to the environment. They are also useful for outdoor events because of its ability to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Most white label tumblers used in Print On Demand are double-walled stainless steel tumblers. They are perfect to use on a picnic, camping, beach day or corporate outing,... 

Printway provides multiple white label tumblers such as Stainless Steel Tumbler,Curved Tumbler,Skinny Tumbler orWineTumbler,... Personalized tumblers can also be stylish and long-lasting gifts for friends, family or lovers,...

With a reasonable price, Sellers can easily imprint artwork, image or logo to these tumblers and sell them on online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy or Redbubble,....

 Phone case

Like T-shirts or tumblers, white-label phone cases are inexpensive to produce, widely available, and easily customizable. As phones get more expensive, there is a greater need to protect them with high-quality phone cases. 

Phone cases are great options for designers or artists to freely come up with unique ideas or allow customers to personalize their own phone cases. A phone case business is a profitable way to make money online, especially in the Print On Demand business model. If you want to start your business selling phone cases, you should look at some types of phone cases such asGlass Phone Case,Silicone Phone Case, Luminous phone case,Flash Phone Case,..

These Phone cases were made by Printway with high quality, some made of high-quality tempered glass cases which are scratch-proof and shockproof. They are lightweight and cheap to ship and give sellers decent profit margins.


Everyone has a pair of shoes because they are convenient and suitable with many different outfits. Shoes are a huge opportunity for white label products since custom-made shoes become more and more popular. Print On Demand shoes allowed customers to choose the design they want.  

With so many different opportunities and types of shoes, white labeling shoes allows sellers to maximize their profit margin because customers are willing to pay more for things that have their personal touches on them. 

Some types of shoes you can fulfill as a Printway seller are:Adult Running Shoes, Yeezy Shoes,Jordan,Stan Smith,....


Mugs are items that can be used daily, everyone owns at least one coffee mug, and if they are coffee lovers, they may have more than just one mug. White label mugs used in Print On Demand allow customers to add their pictures, text, or artworks,.. to make their favorite coffee mug. Many people love giving their family or friends personalized mugs as a present. Anything personal is always greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

The mug is evergreen and a reasonable product to sell all year round. With so many different opportunities for the mug, sellers can broaden their business with this niche product. There are many types of mugs to promote in your POD store such asCeramic Mug,Enamel Mug,Two-Toned Mug,Color Changing Mug,...

Home Decor

Maybe white-label home decoration products might seem a little bit strange to you, they have been familiar to many sellers around the world. Nowadays, many people want to add their personal touch to their own homes. Customized home decorations allow customers to reveal their personalities in detail. 

Printway provides multiple home decorations for any sellers wanting to kick start their POD store in this niche. You can fulfill and design your artworks with vintage and excellent quality products such as Printed Metal Sign, Cut Metal Sign, Candle Holder, Canvas, Poster, Rug, Ornament, Round Wooden Sign... These products can be used as meaningful gifts for friends, family, colleagues,... on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day,...

3 things to consider when choosing a white label partners for your POD business

Here are some things to consider when you want to choose a partner for your POD business!

  • Product quality plays a vital role in improving customer experience. Higher quality products will increase customer loyalty and keep them coming back to your store. Make sure you’re working with a white-label supplier that prioritizes the quality of all products.
  • Track record: When selling POD products, tracking order is very important. It informs sellers of the necessary information to navigate orders and promptly solve any problems that can happen during the shipping process.
  • Customer support: When working in the POD field, you have to have a solid connection with customer support to manage the quality of each product. Customer sellers are also responsible for all problems such as the wrong design on products, low-quality products, refund or return products,... 

In conclusion, white labeling is a great way to minimize risk in doing business, especially for those who don’t want to spend much on upfront investment like print-on-demand sellers.

If you're a new seller in POD,take a look at the Printway selection of colorful POD products such as mugs, tumblers, apparelm,,, at ourPrint On DemandStore right now!

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