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The clock is ticking and it’s not very long until Mother’s Day in 2023. Each year, eCommerce sellers have to think about new ideas and products to catch up with the new trend in the market. This year, we are here to help you find what to sell on Mother's Day. Add a collection of the best Mother’s Day Products to your store and beat the competitors at a time.

What to sell on Mother’s Day 2023

When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Mother's Day is traditionally observed on the second Sunday of May. Mothers and grandmothers are honored on this day by the community, society, and family members. Although Mother's Day is observed internationally, not all countries observe it on the same day. However, because the nature of this holiday is similar, sellers can completely capitalize on the opportunity to promote purchases on this special day.

On the second Monday in May, most countries throughout the world commemorate Mother's Day, including much of Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Japan.

Mother's Day falls on May 14 this year in the United States. On March 21, many Arab countries, including Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, observe Mother's Day (spring equinox). Mother's Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent in some countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Why should you prepared for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is one of the most spent holidays in the US market alone. In 2022, the average person spends $245.76 on holiday shopping and gift plans. Not only that, the number of spending for the whole US will reach more than $31.7 billion in 2022. 84% of Americans plan to celebrate Mother's Day in 2022.  In 2023, the numbers related to Mother's Day will continue to rise, showing the strong business potential of this day globally.

Top Mother’s Day gifts categories

top mother's day gift

Mother's Day gift products are diverse, but according to research by NRF, there are a few products that have been regularly purchased over the past several years. Below are popular product categories that sellers can refer to.

  • Greeting Cards: Greeting cards are the most popular gift on Mother's Day, up to 75% of 2022 American consumers choose greeting cards as gifts for mothers. Greeting Cards with cheap prices are always chosen to be bundled with many other products.
  • Flowers: Up to 72% of consumers choose flowers as a gift for Mother's Day, which is also an ideal business choice on this day.
  • Gift card: Ranked 3rd among the most used gift products, with 52% of users choosing.
  • Clothing and accessories: Despite being familiar gifts, products in this category are still popular choices with 45% of consumers choosing to give them to their loved ones.
  • Jewelry: The product line that maintains its style every Mother's Day season
  • Personal Service: Up to 30% choose personal services as gifts for loved ones on Mother's Day
  • Houseware/ Gardening tools: Products in this category are suitable for many moms who love to cook or garden.

Besides these categories, Books, CDs, or electronics are also chosen to be the ideal gift for Mother's Day. The shopping trend for products in the categories mentioned above will increase in 2023. Make sure your store has products in the above categories to ensure the shopping needs of your customers and increase the chance to get more sales in 2023.

Top Print-On-Demand Product ideas in 2023

The target group of shopping for Mother's Day does not stop at mothers but also extends to women in the family such as grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and aunts, ...Shopping needs for these groups are very diverse, so come up with ideas to provide a full range of products suitable for business for this holiday!

Here are some top products in different categories that Printway has compiled to help sellers boost eCommerce sales. Check the list below to find out the best item for your store.

Customized Tumbler

Customized Tumbler

Who would want to avoid using a personalized Tumbler to enjoy their favorite drinks? This Mother's Day gift will surprise any mom with its unique design, hot/ cold preserved for up to 24 hours with a double-walled vacuum. This will be a perfect gift for moms to carry around and will be a top-notch product for this Mother's Day.

Personalized 3D LED Lamp 

Personalized 3D LED Lamp

Nothing surprised a mother more than a personalized 3D Led that shows their children love and care through a special message or image. Sellers can let customers choose to print an image, quote, or any message that they want to see on the Led Light. One thing special about this Led Light is that you can customize the shape of the acrylic led, and the color of the led light.

Customize Blanket

Customize Blanket

Surely mothers, grandmothers, and other maternal figures will love the possibility to relax in a cozy blanket on their sofa, bed, or on a chair in the garden. This customized blanket with ultra-soft fiber and cozy material with a unique design sells well and has a great demand on the market. Create your design now and let your customers customize the text or image they want for this Mother's Day.

Personalized hanging canvas 

Personalized hanging canvas

This is one of the personalized Mother's Day gift ideas that will show love and appreciation to moms, grandmothers, and other maternal figures in a unique way. Those who want to customize their products can add different canvases with family names, initials, and words of appreciation.

Our hanging canvas comes with a magnetic hanging frame and a rope to help you buyers hang them anywhere they want. The cotton canvas material andhigh-quality anti-ultraviolet ink give each canvas a great finish with the perfect look. 

This comes in 4 sizes for your customers to choose from, from the small size to hang in the bead room and the big size to place in the living room. 

Acrylic Record with Wooden Stand

Acrylic Record with Wooden Stand

Your buyers can celebrate the close relationship with mom, grandmother, and aunt,.... by giving them this special acrylic record. This is a good Mother's Day Gift that can customize any message or image for your customers to cherish this special day.

Linen Pillow

Linen Pillow

Do the women surround you need a pillow? Yes, she probably does. This one is just the right gift with soft and friendly material to use daily. This pillow model can be used to decorate the indoor space with personalized images and text according to the needs of customers.



Celebrating Mother's Day with high-quality apparel, this kind of gift ranks fourth among the top products that most buy on this occasion every year. A cute T-shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt,.. with outstanding design, a one-of-a-kind message will amaze any mom, grandmother, or any woman surrounding. Your customers will get quality items that their family members or friends will love at first sight.

Custom Wooden Sign

Custom Wooden Sign

This is one of the personalized Mother’s Gifts that will draw the attention of any mothers, grandmothers,...

This sign can be customized to any shape that you want or add a different image, family name, initials, or messages to give people around you a meaningful home decor product. 

Heart-shaped Acrylic Plaque

Heart-shaped Acrylic Plaque

This heart-shaped acrylic plaque is popular and is among the top best-selling products for Mother's Day on Amazon UK. This is a wise choice for anyone who wants to bring in a breath of fresh air present for their mothers. With the transparent design and message design standing out, this heart-shaped acrylic will be the best product for your print-on-demand store.

Top Mother’s Day design ideas

If you already have a list of products perfect for your store but do not know what to design on them. Here are some ideas to make any product the best for this Mother’s Day.

Meaningful quote

The best Mother’s Day product may not be the most expensive one but it has to express a special message to the receiver. Do not know how to start a quote or message on your product, just use this format:

  • To my Mom + Customize Message
  • Dear Mom + Customize Message

With this format, your customer can easily add any message they want to the product and you do not have to think much about them.

Best Mom ever

Not a new quote but this one is the best to encourage all the mothers in the world about their effort and compliment them for trying every day. This design is suitable for Mug/ Drinkware and Poster.

Mom/ Grand Mother/ Mother In Law - You rock

A cool mom/grandmother/ Mother in law will love any product that has this quote on it. This lets them know that they are cool and they can express themself in the way they want. There's no need for a long explanation when you can make your mother's day by just telling him how awesome she is!

Funny Meme 

It’s a chance to cheer up all the women around you by sending them a funny gift that can make them smile.  That can be a T-shirt with some humorous quotes such as “This mom needs wine”, or “ I am a running Mom, Just Like a Normal mom except much cooler”,...

It is a wrap!

Mother’s Day 2023 is right around the corner, choose the best product for your store and start promoting for better revenue this year.  

If you are reading this, We hope that we have the answer to the question of what to sell on mother’s day. If our product list is still not enough for you, check our full product sectionhere

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