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Every year, hundreds of thousands of e-commerce businesses are born, online sellers also have countless options with a variety of support platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Etsy, or WooCommerce! So which solution should online retailers choose to ensure that all store operations are stable, smooth, and efficient? In this article, let's learn about WooCommerce, the WordPress plugin being used by over 5 million stores worldwide. Sowhat is WooCommerce?How to use WooCommerce to optimize sales. Let's explore Printway right here!


What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a flexible open-source commerce solution built on WordPress- the world's most popular content management system. WooCommerce was built and developed in 2008 under the name WooThemes and started focusing on eCommerce in 2017.

Currently, WooCommerce is one of the useful plugins that helps online retailers build and design e-commerce websites quickly and flexibly. The platform of this plugin is free, and open source, allowing sellers to sell anywhere and anytime.

When using the WooCommerce plugin to create your own sales website, Sellers will be able to apply all the necessary features of a professional e-commerce site such as shopping cart, quantity, payment, promotion, etc. customer registration,... to their own website.

With tens of millions of downloads and over 5 million active websites with the WooCommerce plugin, this is definitely an incentive for online retailers to use this platform to grow their business!

Reasons to use WooCommerce

With millions of e-commerce websites operating on the basis of WooCommerce, this Plug-In has pluses that make it so popular with global sellers.

Reasons to use WooCommerce

WooCommerce is easy to install, integrate and use

It can be said that any user can install, integrate and use the WooCommerce plugin with a few simple steps. No need for in-depth knowledge of programming or design, sellers can still customize every detail of their website.

Once you have a WordPress account, the seller searches and installs WooCommerce like a regular plugin, then activates it with a few clicks. After completing the installation, the Setup Wizard will help you achieve the remaining information to launch the store. Then you just need to integrate WooCommerce with the right StoreFront themes in WordPress for free.

Easy data control

WooCommerce allows sellers to take control of all data related to purchase history as well as store performance. This is crucial to running a successful e-commerce website.

Flexible, easy to expand

Since WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress, merchants can use any free and premium plug-ins or extensions available on the platform! This means that they can completely tailor the store interface and features to the needs of the customer as well as the merchant himself.

Optimization for SEO and Marketing

WooCommerce leverages the power of WordPress SEO to help advertise and help potential customers find exactly what they need in your online store. Options to optimize SEO can be easily found in the WordPress Plugin category to support effective SEO.

WooCommerce supports coupons/vouchers for customers without any discount tax. At the same time, provide a Review section for buyers to comment and give feedback on product quality.

What is WooCommerce overview functionality?

WooCommerce is perfectly designed with all the features an eCommerce retailer needs to get a store up and running:

  • Over 100 payment gateways can be easily integrated with your store.
  • Multiple WooCommerce shipping methods with configurable shipping zones and classes.
  • An intuitive backend for inventory management, refunds, order management, email management, and more.
  • Choose a free store theme using Wordpress's theme, optimized for mobile-friendly and easy to customize to give your store a unique look and feel.
  • Add products, add product types freely without quantity limit

WooCommerce Installation Guide

Using and installing WooCommerce is very easy, just follow the steps below, and sellers can own a full-featured e-commerce website without spending too much money on web coding.

Step 1: Install and Activate WooCommerce

After registering a WordPress account with the domain name you want, you access WordPress by following the link http://your-domain/wp-admin and logging in to the admin area with your WordPress. friend.


From your WordPress dashboard, find Plugins from the top left menu

Click Add New at the bottom to add the plugin and type WooCommerce in the search bar on the right side

Select Install, after WooCommerce is installed you can click the Active button to activate WooCommerce

Step 2: Setup Setup Wizard for WooCommerce

After successful installation, you will see a welcome message from WooCommerce as well as a request to run the Setup Wizard. Click Yes Please to begin the installation process.

If you can't set it up right away, you can also run the program from WooCommerce -> Help -> Setup Wizard

The setup steps in the Setup Wizard include:

  • Store details: Here, you can fill in the store's address, country, city, and Postcode. Then click “Continue”.
  • Industry: In the Industry section, you choose the industry that the website will sell such as Fashion, Health and Beauty, Education, and learning, .... Then press "Continue".
  • Product Type: Select the type of product you will sell.
  • Business Details: Business information such as how many products you intend to list in your store or if you are selling on any other platforms.
  • Theme: In the Theme section, you can choose the interface you want, select Continue with my active theme or click Skip this Step and select the Theme you want later.

Next, you can connect your store with two plugins, Jetpack and WooCommerce Shipping & Tax.

  • Jetpack: This is a set of Plugins with many support functions for the WordPress system. For example, Site Stats is used to track web traffic, Subscriptions allow users to subscribe to receive notifications when new products or comments are available, and Notifications track and manage web activity through notifications on the toolbar. tool,...
  • WooCommerce Shipping & Tax:support to calculate tax and shipping fees for products

If you do not want to install these two Plugins, you can press the “No thanks” button to skip this step.

In the last step, you click on WooCommerce on the left menu bar, and the welcome page about WooCommerce will appear, click next twice and click Let's go to start using WooCommerce.

Step 3: Add products to WooCommerce

Adding products to WooCommerce is relatively simple. You can follow the steps below to add products on WooCommerce.

  1. Go to WooCommerce => Product => Add new.
  2.  The screen will show the items and you can fill in like:
  • Product name: Product name
  • Product Description: Add pictures and a detailed product description
  • Product data: Access this section for additional settings such as pricing, inventory, and shipping of associated products,... You can select Virtualbox if the product is non-shipping and select Downloadable for the products. products such as software or files.
  •  Product Categories: Classification of products and services
  • Product Image: The image represents the product 

3. Click Publish to publish products on WooCommerce

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How to optimize your store on WooCommerce

Setting up a store is just the foundation to start the sales process, to increase sales and promote sales activities, you should optimize your store in a few ways suggested below.

How to optimize your store on WooCommerce

Amazon and eBay Integration for WooCommerce

To maximize your audience and reach more customers by integrating with two giant e-commerce sites, Amazon and eBay. The way to integrate Amazon and eBay is relatively fast, in just a few minutes, you can list your entire product catalog, synchronize orders and sell products through these platforms!

Pin products on Pinterest

With over 290 million monthly active people, Pinterest is the perfect place to find new customers on social media. On Pinterest, people look for ideas, inspiration, and interesting products. Pinterest for WooCommerce helps to list your categories, add products to Pinterest boards, and link to your website, when customers click on the image, they will be directed to your website which increases the conversion rate for your store. friend.

Make store advertising

As of October 2022, up to 3 million stores are operating using WooCommerce. To increase competitiveness with stores selling the same products, you need to bring products closer to customers with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads,...

SEO for the store on WooCommerce

SEO is a way to optimize search engines, if your WooCommerce store is SEO well, when customers search, your store or product will appear on the first page. WooCommerce SEO is very user-friendly, you can add supporting Plugins without the help of any experts.

Prepare Email Marketing

Customers who visit your store may leave without making a purchase. To retain customers and create conditions for them to come back next time, sellers can build an Email list to send email notifications of promotions and discounts, and help customers decide to buy.

WooCommerce can integrate with many Email marketing services for merchants to easily import email lists and send information to customers. Services that are integrated into WooCommerce are Constant Contact, SendinBlue, Drip, etc.


We do hope that after keeping up at this length, you’ve knownWhat is WooCommerce as well as how to optimize your store with some tutorials. Hope the information in this article is useful to you.

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