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The popularity of printing has grown in the last several years as it has become more and more accessible to everyone. But, many people don’t know that there are different types of printing, with UV being the most popular these days. Before delving into the details of this particular process, let’s take a look at its history and how it came to be that way.

What is UV printing?

UV printing is a process that produces high-resolution graphics on a variety of materials. It is often used in applications such as banners, posters, T-shirts, hashtags, and product labels. UV printing is also known as cold-curing because the ink dries without heat or pressure. 

uv printing


This makes UV printing ideal for use with lightweight materials including paper and plastic. UV LED is the print technology for today due to its low maintenance costs, high-resolution output, and short curing times.

The UV printing environment should be controlled to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin cancer over long periods. With low maintenance costs, high-resolution output, and short curing times, UV LED is the print technology for today.

What are the differences between UV printing and traditional printing

UV printing makes the color more vivid and sharp than traditional printing. Plus, UV inks are water-based so they're safe to use on a variety of different materials. For example, you can use UV inks to print on canvas or even leather! The downside is that UV printers are typically larger and more expensive than traditional printers. That said, the benefits are worth the investment because they produce prints that last much longer and look better than conventional inks.

Solvent inks are applied to a substrate in traditional printing, and heat is employed to cure the ink. Solvent-based inks can evaporate, spread out onto the substrate's surface before drying, and emit volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). The heat used to cure the solvent ink to the substrate emits an offensive stench. 

Additionally, spray powders are employed to avoid ink offsetting and drying, and the entire process can take several days. Furthermore, solvent inks permeate into the substrate, resulting in fading hues. Because of the nature of the printing press, traditional printing is largely limited to paper and related materials. It is incompatible with other materials such as metal, acrylic, and aluminum,...

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The benefits of UV printing methods

uv printing advantages

UV printing offers a whole host of benefits over traditional printing.

  •  UV printing offers a consistent, high-quality, low-cost, environmentally friendly way to produce your printed materials. 
  • UV printing can be used on a variety of media types including cardboard, fabric, polyester film, and more. 
  • With UV LED as today's print technology UV printing has also become much more affordable than ever before. These machines have seen price reductions of up to 90% compared to older technologies such as mercury lamps.  
  • There are so many different things that you can do with a UV printer from prototyping circuit boards, photo development, and ID cards to prints in general! 
  • The UV printer is one of the most versatile pieces of machinery in an office today.
  • Increased vibrancy: the colors of UV-cured inks are substantially sharper than those printed using standard printing procedures.
  • The UV lamps provide instant drying. There's no need to wait hours for the ink to dry or cure.
  • Because of the UV coating and inks, the results are more consistent and of greater quality.
  • Eco-friendliness since the UV inks and UV curing procedure emit almost no VOCs.
  • Increased flexibility because UV printers can print on almost any material due to UV lamps.

What can you do with a UV printer?

The following are just a few examples of personalized objects that can be created using a UV printer. This is popular with a variety of businesses for usage in their merchandise.

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and other types of clothing
  • Handbags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, wallets, and other similar items
  • Glassware, mugs, cups, water bottles, and thermos flasks are all available.
  • Pillowcases, sheets, blankets, and quilts are examples of linens.
  • Christmas ornaments, plastic or glass Easter eggs, Halloween treat buckets, and other holiday decorations are available.
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, and markers with personalized designs.
  • Cases for smartphones, laptops, and tablets
  • Custom computer mice and mouse pads are available.
  • Notebooks, diaries, book covers, and bookmarks
  • Lanterns, candles, and candle holders
  • Covers switch plates and outlets, lamp shades, night lights, and so on.

Check out the top Print On Demand products using UV printing technology at Printway

printway uv priting product

Most Home Decor products on materials such as wood, bamboo, porcelain, aluminum, mica, and Tumbler made in Vietnam use UV Printing technology. Here are some products that you can refer to:

Drinkware products

The Tumbler made in Vietnam is all high quality, made to be microwave and dishwasher safe for any cold or hot beverage. You can choose the design that suits your purpose

Each Printway Tumbler is made from SUS 304 metal and the lid is made of premium materials. Double-walled insulated mugs with a vacuum in the middle keep your drinks warm for 3 to 4 hours. A durable UV finish that won't fade, peel or crack with long-term use and also provides extra grip.

Ornament products

05 Ornament products that you can fulfill from Printway

  • Ceramic Ornament: made of ceramic. You can hang it on your rearview mirror as a car decoration, car decoration, vehicle accessories, or auto accessories, or display it as a home decoration anywhere you like.
  • Wooden/ Acrylic Ornament: Wooden products are made of eco-friendly fiber wood, non-toxic, odorless, exquisite craft, and fashion design. Acrylic Ornament is made from acrylic sheet
  • 2-layered ornament: 2 layers of wood of the product are glued together with strong glue. Design layers are pressed directly on top of each other, creating outstanding 2D effects.
  • Acrylic: Products made from durable Mica, easy to customize the shape
  • Aluminum: made of durable, lightweight, and long-lasting aluminum

Home Decor products

Home Decor products on materials such as wood, metal, or acrylic at Printway all use optimal UV printing technology.

Take a look at our best-selling Home Decor products:

  • Printed Metal Sign: The sign is made of metal to ensure the product is durable. With 4 pre-drilled holes and 4 rounded corners make it is easy to hang anywhere
  • Round Wooden Sign: The product is made of plywood, non-toxic, odorless, exquisite craft and fashion design with 5mm thickness. You can customize the design to suit your purposes
  • Rectangle Wooden Sign: Made of high-quality 0.31" thick plywood. They are durable. Used for many years.
  • Custom wooden Sign: The product is made of pressed wood, non-toxic, odorless, exquisite craft and fashion design with a thickness of 5mm. You can customize what design suits your purpose.
  • Acrylic Plaque: Acrylic Plaque uses Acrylic glass material with Acrylic legs, the print is extremely clear, vivid, and easy to customize with any image and message. Size: the product has 2 sizes: 4x6 inches, and 6x8 inches. Easy customization with all images and text on one side.

Wrapping Up!

UV printing is becoming popular in the Printing industry and is undoubtedly the future of the packaging and printing industries because of its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness, as well as its diversified character.

If you are aPrint on Demandseller and plan to sell a high-quality product, Printway is the best choice for you.Printway will help you fulfill any products you want and handle everything else for you.

Leave us a message if you need more information. Also, join our community for more exciting eCommerce news and tips!

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