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Besides a series of other marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, OnBuy is also a prominent name in the e-commerce system in the UK. In this article, learn what OnBuy is and why sellers should use OnBuy to reach customers.

What is OnBuy - Top 05 reasons to sell with OnBuy

Why should UK sellers use OnBuy?

It is undeniable that choosing the right distribution channel is the backbone for the success of every business. Currently, there is too much competition in big markets like Amazon, eBay. In addition to large costs, and the high risk of accounts being locked, sellers also have to compete with many other competitors on these platforms. Many sellers look to develop their own websites.

However, this way takes a lot of time, money, and effort to attract customers to know your own website. Even then, customers still tend to shop on major sales platforms. With so many challenges and difficulties, it is not difficult to understand when sellers choose online sales channels instead of building their own websites.

In addition to Amazon, eBay, in the UK market, OnBuy is considered a new sales channel but still has a lot of potential to exploit, especially with low selling costs, quick payment, and centralized support for homes. sales in the UK market.

What is OnBuy?

OnBuy is the fourth largest marketplace in the UK. Although it has only entered the official e-commerce playground since 2016, OnBuy has made great strides in growth and has become one of the big names in the e-commerce industry in the UK.

What is OnBuy?


Since its official launch, OnBuy has achieved a growth of up to 24,000%, Onbuy achieved this growth thanks to a strategy of prioritizing retailers instead of competing for customers with them.

The main reason lies in the fact that OnBuy is not a retailer but just an intermediary platform, providing maximum support for customers to reach potential customers. Unlike Amazon, OnBuy does not sell any products and does not plan to compete directly with sellers, andOnBuy claims that they never compete against their sellers

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Top 05 reasons to sell with OnBuy

Not new but not too popular to eCommerce sellers, you must wonder about the potential and chance you have when using OnBuy to approach new customers. Here are some reasons that can help you determine whether to use OnBuy or not.

Top 05 reasons to sell with OnBuy

Low selling fee

OnBuy claims on its website that it provides low and transparent fees with lower selling fees, No listing fees, Transactions secured by PayPal, and 180-day PayPal Seller Protection.

Low selling fee

OnBuy also gives sellers 2 subscription plans: Standard and Partner. You can select your preferred Package when creating your account and change your plan whenever you want.

The Standard Plan is just £19.00 + VAT per month and comes with a £500 sales guarantee. Any month you get sales under £500, OnBuy will forgo the next month's subscription – giving you some breathing space if you hit a downturn.

The Partner Plan is £39.00 + VAT per month and includes search ranking enhancements, a lead listing agency, and priority support - all of which are well worth the extra money to increase possible sales.

Payments are released instantly

Orders sold on eBay or Amazon will take time for the funds to be verified, which means your revenue will be on hold and not withdrawn until the funds are verified. This will make it difficult for sellers to rotate capital and maintain businesses. OnBuy foresees these problems and provides the best seller support possible.

With OnBuy, as soon as an order is updated and dispatched, PayPal transfers money from your customer to you instantly, so you can use that money to further grow your business. Whether you are a large or small business, you can take advantage of this privilege of OnBuy

OnBuy promotes your products 

OnBuy is not a retailer so they focus on delivering sales for their customers, the more products you sell, the more benefit OnBuy gets. That is why OnBuy tries their best to promote your business. 

OnBuy provides Boost service for sellers to promote products with a little fee. With this program, you pay for what you sell. 

The following are the primary benefits of using Boost:

  • It enables sellers to increase the visibility, ranking, and level of additional marketing for their products.
  • It employs a tier-based, scaling structure.
  • Boost will boost your on-site exposure at lesser tiers. At higher Boost levels, OnBuy will sell your products proactively and powerfully over the internet.
  • In just a few clicks, sellers may simply boost a single item, numerous products, everything in a category, anything under a certain brand name, and their whole inventory.
  • Boost also helps your products rank higher, and they will maintain that ranking even if you stop using Boost, allowing you to invest in organic visibility while generating more sales.
  • Because Boost uses a cost-per-acquisition model (rather than cost-per-click), you're not committed to a contract or charged beforehand, so you can check it out risk-free. Sellers only pay their specified Boost fee if a sale is made through Boost; non-sponsored sales are not charged.

OnBuy is growing

It's no coincidence that OnBuy is the world's fastest-expanding market. It is a practical, dependable platform that has evolved quickly to fulfill the needs of the E-Commerce community, which is looking for a distinct market model.

OnBuy is more than just a UK eCommerce site. Customers from all over the world have been purchasing on OnBuy, which is planned to sell in 143 locations by 2023. This will provide you the opportunity to be one of the market's first sellers. You will have the option of automatic translation and automatic currency conversion on specific sites.

UK-based seller support

As the optimal platform for sellers in the UK, OnBuy enthusiastically and quickly supports sellers in domestic areas. All you need to do is contact the OnBuy team for instructions on how to register, join and start a business.

That is a Wrap

OnBuy is a potential business platform for any e-commerce seller, if you are a business focused on growing in the UK market, OnBuy will be the top choice for you next to Amazon and eBay.

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