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An effective email marketing plan can be the gift that keeps on giving in the world of eCommerce. There is no limit to how brands may use them, from generating individualized communications for each consumer to studying user behavior and making product suggestions at scale. Business owners can use email marketing automation and big data to enhance eCommerce sales. Klaviyo is the industry leader in this category, and its position has been confirmed by a recent investment from Shopify, which has declared them the recommended email marketing solution for Shopify Plus eCommerce stores. In this article let’s find out what is Klaviyo and why it is the best email marketing tool for your business.

What is Klaviyo

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is, at its core, an email and SMS marketing platform designed to provide tailored experiences and messages to customers of eCommerce firms on a large scale. Brands rely on Klaviyo to help them build high-value relationships with their customers.

A powerful feature set and predictive analytics platform like Klaviyo may help an online brand that generates vast volumes of consumer data from people's interactions with an eCommerce store, products, and communications to enhance conversions, repeat buy rates and customer lifetime value. With Klaviyo, retailers can use this information to convert potential customers into profitable long-term partnerships at scale.

Klaviyo accomplishes this by providing organizations with the tools they need to create omnichannel experiences that handle all of their contacts' data and use it to deliver marketing messages. personalized. The platform also includes strong automation tools that provide insights into consumer behavior in the store by using machine learning and AI models based on store-specificfuture consumer behavior.

How Klaviyo Drives Results for eCommerce Brands With Automation

While there are several marketing automation platforms on the market, Klaviyo's track record demonstrates why it is the best tool for organizations. Klaviyo has assisted businesses in generating more than $17.5 billion in revenue, with over 100,000 paying clients as of 2021. It is without a doubt one of the best eCommerce options for email and SMS marketing.

Klaviyo's email and SMS marketing services assist organizations in automating the process of sending emails to specific audiences by allowing them to configure a separate mail flow for each user. Customers will receive messages based on their activity thanks to automated systems.

Klaviyo will automate marketing via email and SMS when the business needs it, in chronological sequence. When a customer makes an activation request, such as seeing a specific product or adding something to their cart, a notification is delivered directly to the customer's mailbox after a predetermined amount of time.

 Abandoned cart reminder emails are one of the most prevalent types of email marketing. After some time, the product is put into the cart, but the consumer does not complete the order payment. Klaviyo enables Shopify merchants to send tailored emails or messages to shoppers who have abandoned their baskets, reminding them of what they are about to purchase. It is predicted that 70% of all shoppers will abandon their shopping carts with merchandise before checking out.

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WhyKlaviyo is the best email marketing choice for an online business?

  • Based on the feature of integrating many different e-commerce website platforms, Klaviyo can handle the abandoned cart problem: customers abandon the cart on the website by sending personalized emails or sms to each customer. item has a product in the cart.
  • Klaviyo provides product recommendations that work on customer behavior and nurture and nurture customers after purchase to become loyal business customers.
  • Klaviyo reports allow you to measure and track performance across a variety of metrics. metrics: recently ordered items, number of refund requests, user behavior, revenue from email marketing or advertising campaigns.
  • Complex marketing automation system with condition/rule-based automated workflow suitable for different situations and customer groups.
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface designer to set you free to design workflow automation, email interfaces, form logs, pop-ups, and more.
  • Allow Personalized Email and SMS Marketing on a Single Platform


Klaviyo is one of the best choices for any online business that wants to approach potential customers by using automated email or SMS. With a free plan for small businesses, you can try Klaviyo before paying for the full plan.

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