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Pinterest - An image social network with more than 459 million active users per month is an interesting direction for business people in general and POD sellers in particular. If you are looking to promote products and increase store sales on this platform, let's dive right into this article to learn about Pinterest's potential as well as explore effective Print On Demand product advertising strategies on this platform. 

Using Pinterest for eCommerce: The Completed Guide

Pinterest and the potential for eCommerce sellers

Pinterest is a social networking platform focused on sharing images and ideas worldwide. When it first launched in 2010, Pinterest made an impression when it quickly hit the milestone of 10 million monthly unique visitors.

Of the hundreds of millions of people who use Pinterest each month, the United States accounts for 89 million users. This social networking site is especially popular with women with more than 89% of users using it for shopping purposes. This is a big plus because women are often responsible for 80% of household purchasing decisions.

Pinterest and the potential for eCommerce sellers

Source:  Highspot

Even more impressive, more than half of Pinterest users log into the site just to shop. That means sellers can reach more than 200 million potential customers who may decide to buy your product on Pinterest.

Not stopping there, 85% of users have purchased products based on the Pin they see from brands. If the seller can bring the product to the user's view, the chances of getting the customer to buy the product will also increase.

Advertising on Pinterest is also less competitive than Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram Ads, Highspot research has shown that advertising for products and services on Pinterest is 2.3 times cheaper per conversion than advertising on other platforms. other social networking platforms.

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Get ready to promote POD products on Pinterest

More than just a social networking site, Pinterest is also a visual search engine that helps users discover your content at any time. This helps the posted content to have a longer shelf life compared to other platforms. To take advantage of the plus points that Pinterest brings, sellers can read through some of the following Pinterest setup instructions!

Get ready to promote POD products on Pinterest

Step 1: Identify your target audience

Determining the target audience plays a vital role in the business, only when the audience is identified, the seller can promote the product to be sold to the right people.

According to demographic research on Pinterest in 2021, the number of monthly users of this platform is more than 459 million, of which 77.1% are female, 14% are male, and the time spent on Pinterest per day is about 14.2. minute. The Gen Z audience using Pinterest has grown by 50% in 2020. Pinners use Pinterest to discover creative ideas and shop.

Step 2: Set up a Pinterest Business account for a POD seller

Step 2: Set up a Pinterest Business account for a POD seller

Owning a business Pinterest account is very different from owning a personal account. Sellers can access more features including analytics, ads, and other essentials for selling on Pinterest.

If the seller has created a personal account, the seller can switch to a business account by going to the Profile section and choosing to switch.

Step 3: Branding your Pinterest account

Each business social network account needs to be in sync with the brand so that customers and followers immediately recognize it. For Print On Demand sellers, if you already have your brand, you should sync it with your Pinterest account immediately.

Some steps to syncing brands on Pinterest are:

Select cover board: Pinterest allows users to select a cover board by displaying pins from the profile board. Sellers can choose POD products that use the brand logo to create uniformity for their board. Sellers should reserve a dedicated board for the content about the website or the type of business they are doing.

Choose up to 5 referral boards: Custom boards will be displayed right under the account's name and bio. The seller can choose up to 5 boards on the profile.

Upload a profile picture: Use a logo or image that represents your business.

Write Bio:Introduce your business overview, this bio should be similar to the introduction on other platforms.

Step 4: Connect and authenticate your account with the Website

The final step in preparing a business Pinterest account is to connect and authenticate the website. Adding a link to your website or store on Pinterest is very simple, but the seller needs to verify his website by adding a meta tag or uploading an HTML file.

Each Pinterest Business account will only be authenticated with a specific website. Therefore, sellers need to ensure that they are connected to the correct website where they sell products.

Tips to get customers to buy your products on Pinterest

To increase the conversion rate per Pin made, Print On Demand sellers can apply some of the following tips!

Focus on image quality

Pinterest is a visual search social network, so image quality plays an important role in users deciding whether to click on images and pin them. The factors to pay attention to having a Pinterest page with featured images are

  • High-quality images (mockups or real photos can be used)
  • Beautifully designed graphics
  • The correct size of each pin
  • Colors and fonts
  • Graphics that match the colors of the brand

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Focus on SEO on Pinterest

As an image-intensive social network, users tend to seek ideas and inspiration on the platform. Pinterest itself also has a search engine with its algorithms.

For products to be easily displayed on Pinner's feed, sellers should optimize products with potential keywords, using them on Pin titles and descriptions. Also, don't forget to add them to the description and titles of each board on Pin.

Take advantage of Rich Pins

Rich Pins, also known as Super Pins, is a feature added by Pinterest for business accounts. These batteries will contain additional information and show the user more information than regular batteries.

Rich Pins has several plus points that automatically update the information when you change content on the web, and add more information such as product price, product availability, or not for visitors to decide to visit the website. Update notifications of promotions and discounts,...

Use Advertising Pins

To have pins show up at the top of the page when users search, sellers can use promoted Pins. Pinterest offers several different options for sellers to promote products to each user.

  • Promoted Pin: this is the simplest type of advertising on Pinterest, when using this Pin, your image will show up at the top of the page when users search.
  • Promoted Video Pins: Using videos to promote, customers are 2.7 times more likely to buy products when watching promotional videos.
  • One-tap Pins:One-tap Pins will lead users directly to the website or landing page that sellers set up. This is an optimal way to increase website traffic or direct users to a product page.

User-generated content (UGC) sharing

UGC often attracts buyers through the closeness and familiarity that they bring. If you can apply an influencer marketing strategy, the seller can continuously push these videos to the feed to attract customers' attention.

Sort Pins into Catalog Item

Catalogs are one of the perks that Pinterest Seller users receive when using Pinterest Business.

If you already have enough product information and all their attributes, you can post the file on Pinterest, once the data is accepted, all the products that you add to the website will also automatically generate Pins. which you can then use to create ads.

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for any online retailer. With low cost, high efficiency, and the advantage of users in the large US market, this will be a tool to help sellers achieve sales beyond their expectations! Quickly choose POD products at Printway and register to use Pinterest Business to increase sales quickly!

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