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Mockup is a miniature model, simulating the design of products from logos, name cards, banners, and standees... to beds, cabinets, fans, lights, and house architecture... creating a natural feeling for the design. Mockup is used in many cases but in eCommerce, sellers use it to promote and advertise a product to their buyers. As a seller, there are a variety of advantages to choosing a quality mockup generator. To help you in your search, here are thetop mockup generatorsthat are mostly recommended, let’s find out and decide which is right for you.

top mockup generator for sellers

What is Mockup Generator?

A mockup is normally created by using Photoshop or AI, this is an easy task for Designers or anyone familiar with those tools, but not many eCommerce sellers know how to use PTS to create a basic mockup image. Plus, it is quite time-consuming to do a mockup yourself when there several tools available to save you time.

Mockup generator is an online tool that makes it easy for users to create mockup images in simple steps without complicated design knowledge. Users just need to choose the type of mockup they want and upload the image to add to the mockup, the tools will return the format and image they need in a short period.

The advantages of using a mockup generator

Mockup Generator is being used more and more by the design community and also by non-designers. Here's why these tools are so popular.

  • Save time: With the Mockup Generator, in less than 10 seconds, the designer can complete his mockup image and have an overview of the design in the actual space.
  • Multiple contexts: Mockups made with Photoshop or AI often take a long time to complete. With the Mockup Generator, users can use a variety of pre-mixed scenarios to test their designs.
  • Size diversity: Mockup Generator often provides users with many sizes, suitable for many uses without having to redesign
  • Cost savings: Instead of spending money on a designer, someone with no design experience can also create high-quality mockups.

There is a ton of advantages of mockup generator, especially when applied in print-on-demand field and eCommerce. These tools help eCommerce buyers have an overview of products when they are buying them online.

Top Mockup Generator: Most used tools and utmost features

Selecting the most suitable mockup generator tool is essential for any seller who wants todevelop an online presence. A good tool comes with diversity image and helps sellers save a lot of time. Let’s take a look at the best tool that we have to find out.

Placeit Mockup Generator

Placeit is one of the best mockup generator tools with unlimited mockups, designs, logos, and videos available for you. With Placeit you can easy to create any mockup you want by downloading the available template or dragging and dropping your design into their mockup. If you do not have any ideas for your design, just choose from thousands of designs that are suggested on the website.

Placeit Mockup Generator


Placeit is also a great place to create a free logo or build a brand for your Twitch stream or youtube channel,... 

For USD 14.95 per month or USD 89.69 per year, you will have access toall of Placeit’s mockups,design templates, videos,and logos. 


Smartmockups is a convenient tool for print-on-demand sellers or online business owners to turn their designs into real ones. With Smartmockups, users can create professional mockups without any design experience or skills needed.



Smartmockups provides various kinds of mockups for any purpose, you can choose from technology mockups, social medial mockups, packaging mockups, apparel mockups to home and decor mockups,...

One thing to note is that Smartmockups has some special features such as multiple upload options, customize mockups by changing the background, and color of the item, cropping the whole scene, and unlimited export and share.

Remarkably,Smartmockups has integrated with some third-party apps such as Canva (A free design tool), Unsplash (a free stock photo), and Dropbox.

With Smartmockups, you can enjoy the free plan or pay $14 per month to explore more advanced features. 




With Mockupbro, users can easily create mockup images with 3 steps, choose from available Mockup templates, upload their design images, and download customized mockup images as required.

Mockupbro provides many mockup templates available from mockups on electronic devices, print publications, clothing, packaging, Home decor products, etc. The advantage of Mockupbro is the ability to adjust the background color as required. bridge.

The downside of Mockupbro is that there are not too many diverse mockup templates for the same product type. But you can still take advantage of the templates available on the platform if they fit your needs.

Currently, it costs you zero dollars to use Mockup bro, but if you want to use premium content such as background or design from a third-party platform such as iStock on your mockup, you have to pay for that third party.


Mediamodifier is a free mockup generator software including thousand of mockups in various categories. You can use this website to create mockups for your social media post, T-shirt, print files, mug, book covers, websites, and logos,...



Mediamodifier is more than just a tool for quickly creating mockups online; each mockup template can also be downloaded as a PSD file and used in Photoshop. Plus, you will get unlimited access to all mockup generator templates, graphic designs, picture tools, and social media sharing features with a single Mediamodifier subscription.

Below are some features you can use at any time with Mediamodifier:

  • A plethora of professional mockup templates
  • Each mockup is customizable online and also available as a Photoshop PSD file.
  • Drag & drop interface that is simple and quick
  • Colors can be changed in real-time, and layers can be disabled.
  • Send your mockup image directly to an image cropper or graphic designer.
  • Save your mockup as a JPG or a transparent PNG.
  • Directly share your mockup on social media.
  • Using an eyedropper to select a color from a scene
  • Add a mockup to your favorites for quick access.
  • For design on any device, use a mobile-friendly editor.
  • Mediamodifier provides the following tools in addition to a mockup generator:
  • Free Graphic Design Software Online
  • Hundreds of thousands of Graphic Design Templates
  • Tools for Image Effects and Photo Manipulation
  • Crop and Resize Images for Free
  • Video Editor (Coming Soon)

With Mediamodifier, you can choose the starter plan (free), Pro (used for individuals with $15.83 billed yearly), or Team with $37.5 billed yearly.


Visme allows you to build a range of various mockups just inside their platform. With Visme, you can create beautiful mockup templates, build your mockup, and customize mockup components to bring life to your visual content. 



Other than that, Visme also has some great features such as mockup creator, add-in branded fonts, easy drag-and-drop design, resize mockup, and unlimited downloads,...

Here are some types of mockups you can create with Visme: devices, branding, packaging, print, product (hoodie, t-shirt, polo shirt), and social media,...

Visme provides 4 options for the user to choose from, you can choose the basic one (free account), the starter ($12.25/ month/ billed yearly), and the Pro ($24,75/ month/ billed yearly). For Teams, you can contact their sales team to enjoy all the advanced features.





Renderforest provides a variety of modern and diverse mockup images, suitable for the needs of many users. In addition to mockups of logos, electronics, banners, and posters, Renderforest also provides mockups of costumes, clothes, and bags, ...

The steps to make mockups on Renderforest are also very simple. Users can choose their favorite template, edit it by adding images, change the background color, and save the template in a flash.

Not stopping there, users can also easily create designs for websites, Renderforest videos, logos, etc.

In terms of pricing, Renderforest offers 4 prices for each user group, including which: a Lite plan for $9.99/month, a Pro package for $19.99/month, a Business package for $29.99/month, and a package. Free that you can try.




Mockupmark provides high-resolution garment mockups ranging from breathtaking E-commerce flat lays and studio shootings to stylish lifestyle mockups ideal for bold social media commercials. Mockup Mark features T-shirt mockups, hoodie mockups, sweatshirt mockups, and tank top mockups to choose from.

This mockup tool is super suitable for eCommerce sellers because of its diverse design in apparel such as T-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies,... With Mockupmark, anyone can create an outstanding mockup in just 3 seconds. Moreover, users can easily position and scale their design, and change apparel color in mockups.

Furthermore, Mockupmark lets users choose and design their apparel from famous brands such as American Apparel, Anvil, Bella + Canvas, and Gildan. 

You can start custom mockups by choosing a plan, $14.99/ month for the premium plan and $299,99 for a lifetime member.


Vexels is a familiar address that many Merch product sellers choose. The tool allows users to create designs based on existing templates, and create outstanding, attractive mockups, Vexels has a design team ready to take requests from you.



Here are some special things you should know about Vexels:

  • Ready-made designs that you may modify and use on POD platforms such as Amazon Merch on Demand
  • All designs are created in-house by their Design team.
  • Obtain complete access to POD-licensed vectors, PNGs, PSDs, and Illustrator files for every area of interest.
  • Every download comes with a merch license.
  • Subscribers get a FREE online t-shirt maker and mockup generator.

Vexels is trusted and used by many big companies, such as Merch by amazon, Printful, Redbubble, TeeSpring, Etsy, and Zazzle.

There are 3 subscription plans that you can choose to use Vexels: Merch for $21.99/mo, Merch Plus for $36.99/mo, and Merch Ultimate for $74.50/mo. 

Original Mockup

Original Mockup


If you are looking for a website that offers a variety of mockup templates with lots of high-quality images and easy customization, Originalmockup will be the first choice for you. The site offers mockups of a variety of products from electronics, clothing, and decorations,...

When you sign up to use Orginalmockup, you can explore the site's great features. This includes exclusive content, an easy-to-use Mockupmator, and ad-free and papered commercial design.

You can enjoy all these special functions by becoming a PLUS member with $69/ year for Unlimited items and a Plus plan for $19/month.



Pixeden provides high-quality and a vast collection of mockups ranging from packaging, magazine, books, and boxes,... for you to choose from. Besides this website also packs a variety of all kinds of graphics, icons, and vectors,...

With Pixeden, after selecting a mockup type, users can see the preview, file parameters, and file size and see the number of downloads of each mockup. The minus point of Pixden is that you need to have a little understanding of Photoshop to be able to use these mockups. However, the steps to insert images into the mockup are not too complicated, you can completely use the mockup after it is downloaded.

Closing Notes

So it is the end! Above are the top 10 Mockup Generators that we have found for you. Some are free, some are more expensive, some are easy to use, and some need to work on them a little bit. But in general, they are still very easy to approach and use in a short time. 

Choose one that works for you and start to test your design from now on. We hope that this information works for you! 

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