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The sale season is coming soon and you do not know what to sell to get the best profit on Etsy? Ready to find out thesetop keywords on Etsy. These keywords were listed by eRank -  a tool to help Etsy sellers have full insight of their SEO, analysis of Etsy tags, attributes,... In this article, we will show you the most searched keywords and find out what is the best selling product on Etsy.

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Top 20 keywords on Etsy in August 2022

1.handmade home decor  

2.handmade clothing  

3.handmade jewelry  

4.personalized gifts  


6.summer gift  



9.wall art*  

11.earrings planner  

13.mid century modern  




17.wall decor  

18.tote bag*  

19.halloween decor*  


What buyers in Canada, UK, Australia have been looking for?

Besides the list of 20 most searched keywords on Etsy in August 2022. eRank also provides a list of 1000 the most searched keywords in markets such as the UK, Canada and Australia. Let’s take a look!

In the list of top keywords in the Canadian market, "handmade home decor" ranks first. Etsy Canada also has two keywords in the top 20 most searched keywords: "handmade clothing" at #4 and "handmade jewelry" at #5. 

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Of Etsy's top four countries, Canada had the most mentions of handmade in their Top 1000 searches of Etsy's top four countries. Along with those top three, there was handmade at #568, handmade earrings at #743, and affiche handmade ranked 869th (handmade poster).

Handmade appears four times in the UK's Top 1000 shopper searches, but none are near the top. Handmade jewelry is the top-ranked search, ranking #60. The No. 1 search on Etsy in the United States and Canada, “handcrafted home decor”, does not appear until #196 on the UK list. Handcrafted apparel is ranked #446, and handmade mugs are ranked #447.

However, three handcrafted searches are in the Top 20 in Australia, as they are in the United States and Canada. Handmade jewelry is their second most popular search, followed by handmade furniture in tenth place and handmade clothing in thirteenth. Handmade soap was also among the Top 1000.

What were Australia top keywords search in August

According to eRank, gift-related search phrases took four spots in Australia's Top 20, twice as many as any other top Etsy country. There are 30 gift-related searches in their Top 1000! Some of the volume is attributable to Father's Day, which is observed in early September in Australia. 

When eRank compared the top 20 gift-related searches in these four nations, they discovered that all four have personalized gifts in their Top 20. It is ranked second in Canada.Personalized gifts are the most popular in Australia. The number of personalized searches is where there is a distinction. There were seven in both the US and Canadian Top 1000s. Australia had thirteen.

The next keyword isprints! Prints were ranked seventh on Etsy Australia. There were also 21 print- and printable-related searches among the Top 1000. In the United States, prints scored 42nd out of 20 related searches. It was ranked #39 on Canada's Etsy, with 23 connected searches. Prints were ranked #25 on Etsy UK, with 22 related searches. It's obvious when you look at the numbers. Despite the fact that prints did not make three of the top four nations' Etsy Top 20 lists, they remain a steady and widely-popular trend.

Home décorwas ranked fourth overall in Australia, androom decorwas ranked eleventh. Ring was placed ninth. In fact, ring/s made the Top 20 in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, where it ranked #26. And, by the way, Australia is way ahead of the competition with their #12, anniversary gifts. Closest is the United Kingdom, where that keyword ranks 70th, followed by the United States at #216 and Canada at #827!

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Etsy’s UK top shopper searches

Rug was among one of the most searched terms on Etsy UK top, it was into the top 20 keywords in August. Or you might discover that, for August 2022 anyway, the UK is the only country in Etsy’s Top Four where planters are popular! Photography related product ranked at top #9 while the coaster was at top 14.

Above is information about the top keywords on Etsy in August 2022. If you are an Etsy seller, you can plan to follow this list closely, thereby offering the right products for the fourth quarter sales season. Wishing you a prosperous sales season!

Source: eRank

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