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When it comes to managing your online store, you can do many things to optimize your traffic and gain new customers. But one thing you should know is that you need a good search engine so your consumers can simply discover the things they want. In this article, we will find out the finest eCommerce search engines and assist you in selecting the ideal one for your needs.

Top eCommerce search engine best practices you should know

What is an eCommerce search engine?

An eCommerce search engine is a specialized type of search engine designed specifically for online stores. It helps customers find products quickly and easily by crawling your website and indexing your products. The site search engine is more than a searching tool, it also Faceted search, product ranking, and synonym management are further examples. 

What is an eCommerce search engine?


The site search engine is quite similar to the Google search engine, but the difference is that while the Google search engine does content, and text searches, the site search engine uses structured attribute search, which includes filtering and sorting.

With several e-commerce developments, they integrate with popular platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce and can be customized to match the look and feel of your store.

Interesting facts about eCommerce search engine

Numbers never lie, here are some interesting facts you should know about eCommerce search engines:

  • When a customer is on your page and trying to search for a specific product, they are much more likely to convert. In fact, search users are 7-10 times more likely to convert than regular visitors
  • Search users account for 10 to 40% of the total eCommerce users on your site 
  • Worse, 10%-25% of all queries result in a 0-results page because search engines aren't always able to interpret language - this implies that shoppers must search using the same lingo as the site. When customers land on a 0-results page, you're essentially telling them you don't sell the product they want, which means they'll buy it elsewhere.
  • 87% of shoppers start their product searches on the internet.
  • Search is used by 64% of people to address the "I want to buy" moment.
  • When a site search box is available, up to 30% of visitors use it.

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 Whydoes site search matter in eCommerce? 

The search bar is one of the most significant aspects of an e-commerce website since it provides a positive consumer experience while also driving revenue for businesses. The advantages of an e-commerce site's search bar can include:

 Why does site search matter in eCommerce?

Search products easily through the search bar

It sounds quite simple at first, but the search with the search bar produces results that exactly meet the needs of the customer, so you have a 70% chance of increasing the revenue of your business. The search bar does not have to be too big, or too bold, but it should be located in a position where users can easily search and navigate quickly when customers have a request.

Let eCommerce site owners know what their customers are looking for

A smart site search solution will gather useful information about what your visitors seek and how they engage with your site. From this, you can analyze and optimize your site to meet their demand

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TopeCommerce search engine best practices you should know

You can gain more revenue if your customer can not find what they are looking for on your website, be ready to set up your store with theseeCommerce search engine best practices.

Make your search box easy to navigate

Make your search box easy to navigate

Amazon search box

The placement of the search bar can influence a user's decision to utilize it to find a product. The site's navigation, including the site search boxes, should be simple and quick. This unity makes it simple for visitors to use and provides positive purchasing experiences.

A search bar remark is to ensure that the search bar, login, newsletter, and shopping cart have an acceptable and convenient form for users.

When typing keywords, automatically propose products

When typing keywords, automatically propose products

Adding these capabilities to the search bar saves customers time when searching for products on the web, allowing them to quickly locate the product line - the brand - they want to purchase. 

As users input, recommended products display in the form of visuals and realistic material that entices them. When a consumer puts the phrase "men's jacket" into the search box, the search field will recommend additional products such as men's bags in addition to the returned results of men's jackets…

Strong Error Tolerance for an Uninterrupted User Journey

Your search engine should provide a strong error tolerance for typos. Customers may misspell or have a typo when searching for products they want. If your search engine is not set up correctly for this, customers may not find what they want and the chance they leave your site is high

Lower sales are impacted, but pages with no results might have an impact on your website visitors in other ways:

Users are less likely to return to a store if they can't locate what they're looking for. It's simply infuriating.

They will also spend less time on your site and may have a greater bounce rate, which can lower your overall site statistics and have a negative impact on rankings. Google is your friend.

Losing money in many ways is inconvenient; don't let it happen!

Place a search box on each page of your site

One of theeCommerce search engine best practices is placing a search box on each page site, this helps customers easily find another product when they want. The search box is usually placed in the center or on the right side of your page. 

One exception about the search box is on the checkout page, do not show it on this site because it may distract your customers from completing a purchase.

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Top besteCommerce search engine optimizer 

When choosing an eCommerce search engine, you should keep a few things in mind. Choose tools that are easy to use, offer high accuracy, are affordable, and have the best customer support. Check out some of the best eCommerce search engines below!



Algolia is an API platform for dynamic experiences that helps organizations optimize search and discovery efficiency while also addressing the challenge of relevancy tuning with AI. Getting to the right content on websites and applications has never been easier or faster.

Algolia can help improve your search engine by providing:

  • Faceting: The result includes matching aspects depending on the question as well as any previously specified facets. You may utilize this data to create an easy, faceted experience that allows users to grasp the available improvements and avoids "no results" windows.
  • Synonyms: Synonyms tell the engine about sets of words and expressions that should be considered equal—for example, jacket ⇔ parka or flower  ⇔ floral
  • Advanced language processing
  • Geo-awareness:You can see nearby search results sorted by distance, or you can limit your search to a specific location or radius.
  • Multiple sorting strategies: Easily set up a searching strategy such as pricing low to high, and vice versa
  • Personalization: Customize search results for each customer.


  • Free: $0 per Month
  • Algolia Search - Standard: $1 per 1,000 requests/Month
  • Algolia Search - Premium: $1.5 per 1,0000 requests/Month


Yext (NYSE: YEXT) is a software platform that assists organizations in providing meaningful, actionable responses wherever their consumers, employees, and partners seek information.

Yext can help:

  • Customers prefer results that are relevant to their current situation.
  • Customers who have found the information they are seeking may choose to refine their search results by price, color, size, or another criterion.
  • Using the drag-and-drop, point-and-click interface, you can easily visualize the impact of your changes.
  • The built-in Search Phrases screen in Yext normalizes query strings (for things like capitalization, preceding and trailing whitespace, and punctuation) into a list of truly unique search terms organized by popularity, allowing you to discover what users are really looking for.



The first step toward relevant search is Coveo Relevance Cloud. Self-optimizing AI allows you to capitalize on the potential of every click and query. You may improve the user experience by focusing on search relevance from the start. After that, scale to full 360-degree significance. 

Every query and click tells you what your clients desire. Customers will be able to 'add to card' relevant product results as well as product and content recommendations from you. Connect each customer to the most relevant answer faster with AI-powered self-service customer service and AI-powered agent answers.

Coveo Features:

  • Relevance at every touch point
  • Intelligent search
  • Recommendation
  • Personalization


  • Base: $6000 per Month
  • Pro: $1230 per Month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing



A comprehensive set of options to enhance your shopping experience. Search for a product by its name, category/collection, product description, or pages/blog posts. The product preview will be displayed if you enter the first letter of the product name into our eCommerce product search widget. 

Even if you misspell something, it will still display the proper suggestion. To modify the look and feel of the widget, you do not need to code it. The Searchanise admin panel contains all options. Searchanise smoothly integrates with all interconnected systems. It is simple to set up and has several customization possibilities.

Searchanise features:

  • Full-text site search 
  • Autocomplete
  • Stopwords
  • Spell check, autocorrect
  • Customizable search result
  • Synonym
  • Filter strategy

Searchanise pricing:

  • Basic from $16/ month
  • Essential $33/ month
  • Advanced $49/ month
  • Growth of $83/ month
  • Pro $149/ month
  • Premium $279/ month

Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box

Luigi's Box assists eCommerce in understanding what your consumers are looking for, what they are having difficulty discovering, and how you can optimize their search experience. Determine how customers locate your key information. You may increase your content's discoverability by identifying prevalent typos and niche queries.

Luigi's Box pros:

  • Search with Autocomplete
  • Recommender
  • Product Listing


Optimizing eCommerce search engine is one of the most important things eCommerce sellers must aware of when building their website. Hope that this information and top eCommerce search engine optimizer can path the way for you to improve your site.

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