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SEO is an important factor contributing to the success of every business. If you want your product to rank well on Amazon, you need to follow the right SEO practices. Amazon SEO tools are great tools for businesses or individuals to optimize their stores, let Amazon's A9 search engine ranking algorithm see products, and display them on their search engines. Here are some powerful Amazon SEO Tools that can help sellers optimize SEO for their stores!

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Things you should know about Amazon A9 Search Engine

Amazon is not just an ordinary e-commerce store, it acts as a large marketplace that allows sellers to sell multiple products in many countries. However, sellers need to compete fiercely with millions of other sellers around the globe. With so much competition, no one will buy from you if they can't find them.

For their products to be displayed in Amazon's search bar, sellers must let the platform's algorithm - A9 know what they are doing, selling, and optimizing the store to increase competitive rankings. painting.

What is Amazon SEO?

Similar to Google, Amazon shoppers will have to type keywords containing product information they want to buy. The product information will show the customer's request because buyers tend to consider and buy only the product displayed on the first 1-2 pages.

Seller Amazon needs to do everything to make the product rank appear within these 2 pages. The higher the rank, the more likely customers are to view and buy. The great thing is that a product's organic ranking can be improved through a variety of free tools that the seller doesn't need to pay any money for!

What is Amazon's A9 Algorithm?

Amazon uses an algorithm called A9 to determine the rank of a product page. If you've ever done a product search on Amazon, you've used the A9 search engine.

amazon a9

A9 will analyze data, observe traffic patterns, and index text describing every product on Amazon even before a customer decides to enter a search query. All of this is to optimize the customer experience and help them find the right product.

The A9 algorithm is built around two core tenets of performance and relevance. This means that if products have a high buy-in and strong sales history, they will be prioritized to rank higher than other products. Stores that use keywords similar to the customer's search query will also score points with the system.

Amazon SEO ranking Factors

Before choosing Amazon SEO tools, sellers also need to know the details of Amazon's ranking factors. Remember, everything you do needs to follow the rules of the A9 algorithm, but still make sure the information matches the needs of the buyer.


Relevance can be understood as the overlap in the keywords customers query with the keywords you use when listing products. Relevance will help improve product visibility after listing on the store. The factors that need to be optimized to improve relevancy are

Product Title & Brand Name: Keywords must be within 60 characters of the title, if selling a product title, the seller can insert keywords into the brand name

Use auxiliary keywords: Customers often tend to use many different keywords to describe the same product. Sellers can add these additional keywords to the product description

Product Description: Use bullet points to describe the product's features, salient features, product differences from competitors, etc.

Product performance

Performance-related ranking factors are more difficult to control because they are influenced by external factors. However, sellers should still understand these factors to have a more perfect and comprehensive Amazon SEO strategy

  • Sales performance: Amazon prioritizes showing products with high sales on Amazon. The more products sold, the higher the ranking. The most optimal way to increase sales is to use Amazon pay-per-click advertising, run promotions, and offer discounts to attract customers to buy more products.
  • Price: The price you set for your Amazon products can greatly affect conversion rates and sales performance. Make sure you've done a thorough price analysis to make sure the price you're offering is on the general floor of the product.
  • Product Image Optimization: While not a direct, performance-related ranking factor, images play an important role in increasing click-through and conversion rates. In general, the better and clearer the image, the better the product will attract customers and help improve rankings.
  • Reviews: Customers tend to see reviews before making a purchase, so take advantage of reviews from old customers as a basis for buying new customers.

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List of Best Amazon SEO Tools for Amazon Sellers

Currently, many free Amazon SEO tools allow sellers to optimize their store SEO at no cost. Below is a list of the best Amazon SEO tools that sellers can refer to.

Helium 10 - Best Amazon Tool

Helium 10 - Best Amazon Tool


Helium 10 is a paid tool, but sellers can still do free keyword research with a free account. With Helium 10, sellers only need to enter the keyword they want to search for or an ASIN, the tool will generate competitive keywords with high relevance. Sellers can also reverse-check which keywords are being used by competitors.

AMZSCout - Best Amazon Tool

AMZScout is an Amazon SEO tool with a lot of functions, this tool allows keyword research, creating smart URL links for products, and reverse ASIN lookup to check the keywords that competitors are using. AMZScout also conducts Amazon Keyword Research for sellers to find keywords with high demand and low competition.

AMZSCout - Best Amazon Tool


AMZScout keyword tools give sellers every keyword they need to create an attractive listing and run PPC campaigns. If you know how to take advantage of keyword lists and PPC campaigns, sellers can completely increase sales by up to 400%.

In terms of cost, AMZScout keyword tools cost about $45.99/month for PRO Extension and $49.99/month for Amazon Seller Bundle.

Keyword Tool for Amazon Sellers

Keyword Tool for Amazon Sellers


The keyword tool uses Amazon's search suggestion feature to generate a list of related keywords for keyword optimization or other purposes. Keyword tool Amazon SEO Tools free does not require sellers to pay, but the tool will limit the indicators of search volume or difficulty of each keyword. Sellers can use the paid version with more useful and fast features.

These features will include

  • Search Volume
  • Competitiveness
  • CPC
  • Keyword Trends

Keyword tool also provides users with negative keywords to ensure the listing is displayed on the search page of the right audience. This is one of the Amazon SEO tools with a relatively high price, from $69/month to $159/month.

JungleScout - Best Amazon Sell Tool

JungleScout - Best Amazon Sell Tool

JungleScout is a popular Amazon SEO tool and is used by many sellers thanks to its diverse features. Jungle Scout provides all the functionality that sellers need for Amazon SEO, such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Monitor competitor products
  • Build SEO optimized list
  • Inventory management
  • Track sales data on Amazon
  • Generate product ideas
  • Find profitable niches
  • And more,...

JungleScout has many features that support both new and experienced sellers. To use the Basic Plan, the seller will have to pay $29/month. CALL the Suite Plan for $49/month and finally the professional plan for $84/month.

Sonar - Amazon SEO Tools free

Sonar is Sellics' free Amazon keyword tool. This tool helps Amazon sellers and suppliers find every keyword related to their business, increase product visibility and improve Amazon's SEO.

Sonar - Amazon SEO Tools free

Sonar will choose from over 180 million keywords generated by customers when they make a query and include only keywords and ASINs that are ranking on the first page of Amazon search results at the time of the database update. nearest material!

The Amazon Sonar Keyword Tool can also identify and track competitors' keywords by doing an ASIN reverse lookup.

Merchant Adwords - Best Amazon SEO tool

Merchant Adwords - Best Amazon SEO tool

Merchant Adwords offers a suite of tools and services designed to grow your business on Amazon. Tools offer 3 usage packages from Silver, Gold, or Platinum with many tools and features. Merchant Adwords data is directly from the Amazon search bar. They capture search trends as they happen to let sellers see products that are popular globally.

Keyword Inspector - Amazon SEO Tools

Keyword Inspector - Amazon SEO Tools

Keyword Inspector is a set of individual tools to help Amazon sellers gain an edge over their competitors. Each tool is separate, but you can rely on multiple tools at once to help you find/sell/optimize multiple products faster on Amazon.

The main tools in the Keyword Inspector are:

  • Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool
  • KIPRT (Keyword Inspector's Product Research Tool)
  • Trend magnetization finder
  • Index Checker
  • Free Amazon Keyword Tools for suggested keywords

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a free keyword tool and keyword research tool for Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Google, Walmart, and YouTube searches. Their Amazon Keyword Tool is used to find the most popular Amazon keywords for product listings for Amazon SEO. Create the most relevant and up-to-date product keyword lists by searching keywords across 16 Amazon marketplaces.

Keyword Tool Dominator simulates real users entering search terms with repeated variations to find hundreds of keyword suggestions in a very short period. You can find hundreds of great long-tail keyword phrases from just one search using this tool.


Understanding and using keyword research tools will help Amazon sellers increase sales and optimize store conversion rates. Thanks to these tools, SEOs can minimize the time spent researching and finding the right keywords, and have more time to promote and find customers.Take your time deciding which tools can help you a substantial profit in this sale season.

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