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The growth of the commercial industry has created new opportunities for numerous businesses and individuals. Website development also makes use of simple website-building systems such as WooCommerce. While Woocommerce provides many useful plugins for creating an efficient eCommerce website, the SEO procedure for the product page is what determines if your store will reach your target audience. In this article, let's explore Tips to SEO WooCommerce product page.

Growing a WooCommerce Website - Tips to SEO WooCommerce product page

Why do we need to optimize SEO WooCommerce SEO Page?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your website's exposure on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo while people are actively looking for what you have to offer in your commerce store. 

Your first step in the realm of eCommerce SEOis to select the first type of words and phrases you want to rank for, termed "keywords". This keyword list will then be used in your online shop title, product pages, and picture alt tags, …

Organic traffic occurs when your website appears naturally as one of the results and someone clicks on it. This occurs organically as a result of search engines recommending your site as something beneficial to people.

That is why the product pages must be optimized for websites that offer items so that they appear when people search for them.

Tips to SEO WooCommerce product page you shouldn’t miss

Wonder how to optimize your Woocomerce products page, here are something you should do!

Invest in product images

Invest in product images
Customers should be able to view every nook and crevice of the product if they cannot experience it in person. You'll want every product photograph on your website to be as well-edited as possible.

Optimizing SEO for product photos is simple; simply add an alt tag to the image and optimize the image size (you can read this article to know what an alt tag is and how to optimize it). 

The difficulty is how to create really quality images for products so that customers can look at them carefully before making a purchase decision. You should not skimp on product photos because they are what decide an online sales website's success or failure.

Eye-catching, precisely created product photos influence more than 80% of purchasing choices. You can pay a professional photographer or photo editor to shoot and edit product images for you.

Or if you have a little knowledge of photography and know how to edit photos with tools like Photoshop or Canva, you may also design product images for the web yourself.

Here are some suggestions for optimizing SEO for product images:

  • Product photos must be exceptionally clear, visually appealing, and accurately describe the product in real life.
  • Post as many multi-faceted, multi-angle images of the product as possible.
  • Photographing one product alongside another is not permitted (unless the two products really complement each other).
  • Do not take and do not post product photos in too-dark or too-bright environments.
  • Optimize image size to speed up page loading.
  • Add an alt tag to the image to optimize SEO for the image.

Optimizing Onpage SEO for product pages

Just like optimizing Onpage SEO for articles or any page in the website, product pages must also be optimized Onpage based on predefined standards, including

The product name (and often the meta title itself)

  • Meta description tag
  • Product URL
  • Add alt tag to product photos
  • Optimize product image size
  • SSL Certificate – HTTPS

Detail description and specifications of the product

Since the online customer can not see the products in person, they will need a more specific description of the product they want to buy, don’t forget to add this information on your WooCommerce product page:

  • Short product description
  • Detail description
  • Specifications of the product

When entering information in the product description, you can use keywords to optimize the product description, but there is no need to over-optimize. You may not even need to use keywords to enter product descriptions.

Please take the criteria of writing product descriptions to help customers understand the product better, do not write product descriptions just for the sole purpose of SEO optimization.

Show customer comments and reviews on the product page

For each customer who successfully purchases a product, you can ask the customer to leave a review and rating for the product.

Show customer comments and reviews on the product page


Customer reviews (testimonials) are a valuable asset of an online sales site. According to eMarketer, 68% of internet users look at star ratings that are rated by users to make a decision about whether or not to pass. 61% look at the number of reviews each retailer receives. Of those, more than half consider recent reviews.

It is those positive comments and reviews that will continue to entice other customers to purchase from your website.

Don’t forget to feedback on both negative and positive reviews, the way you leave your comment show how you solve problems and help potential customers know what will happen if they were in these situations.

Add Schema Markup Single Product to the product page

This is the Technical SEO section of the product page, if you don't know how to do it, you can contact a professional web designer for assistance in adding the Product Schema Markup to the product page.

Typically the Schema Markup for a particular product page will include the following information (information displayed in code to aid search engines):

  • Product's name
  • Image product
  • Trademark
  • Describe
  • Star rating (also known as Aggregate Rating, Star Review, ...)
  • Customer reviews (that's why customer reviews and comments are so important)

Optimize Product page URL

Well-structured and keyword-friendly URLs are of paramount importance in SEO. Your product page URLs should be short, written in lowercase, and use subdirectories.

If you need to redirect old URLs to new URLs, use a 301 permanent redirect – it transfers all the ranking power to the redirected page. Avoid any dynamic elements and remove all unnecessary things in the URL structure.

The verdict

There are numerous opportunities available even without coding or UX or SEO training to optimize your Woocommerce product page. We hope that you can boost your product page ranking by using these above tips. 

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 Good Luck!

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