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According to 2 PM's report, 13 out of 20 DTC (Direct to customer) brands are in the fashion and apparel industry. The fashion industry's power is becoming increasingly strong in the e-commerce space. Besides powerful marketing methods, SEO search engine optimization is essential so that sellers can reach customers without spending a lot of advertising costs. Here is some information about SEO for fashion e-commerce that you should know. Scroll down to discover now!

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Build a user-friendly website

The average time a person visits a website is less than15 seconds, which means that sellers need more time to impress customers when they land on the site. So, from the very first seconds when customers click on your website, you need to show them the friendliness of your website and make them excited to stay on your site longer.

friendly fashion ecommerce website

There are many factors when it comes to website usability and accessibility, a user-friendly website is one where it is easy for them to find the product or service they need. Here are some criteria that business owners should refer to optimize their website!

Guaranteed page loading speed

Customers often spend very little time on slow-loading websites, especially when they are shopping for fashion products. The ideal site load time for mobile sites is between 1 and 2 seconds. 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take more than 3 seconds to load.

To make sure your site is fast enough, you can check your site speed through Google Page Speed Insights and optimize the factors suggested by this website.

Create product pages that are easy to purchase

If you can create product pages that are easy to browse and shop for, customers will spend more time on your site and are likely to shop more. With a fashion website, you need to provide a full selection of colors, sizes, detailed images of each product, and corresponding prices.

In addition, adding reviews from customers who have shopped before is also a way to help customers refer to product details and spend more time on the site.

Add Featured CTA Buttons

create an outstanding CTA

Call To Action is essential to enhancing the user experience and an ideal way to encourage customers to order. In case you want the customer to take an action like adding a product to the cart or making an immediate checkout for the order, you should design prominent CTA buttons to guide them.

Choose the right font

Fonts are displayed throughout your sales website so that the audience does not feel uncomfortable when reading the information on the website, choose suitable fonts, not fussy to use.

A clear font is crucial to the user experience as it allows your audience to learn about your product, pushing them closer to conversion.

Optimize related keywords to increase traffic

Keyword optimization is a must for your products to be displayed to customers who need purchasing products.

Keywords play a fundamental role in determining where your product appears in search results. If you're not integrating the right keywords into your page, you're missing out on valuable traffic for your business.

Optimize related keywords to increase traffic

You need to conduct keyword research to find relevant keywords for your product listing. Keyword research allows you to find relevant terms for your product pages. You can use keyword research tools like Semrush or Ahref to find keywords.

When you conduct keyword research, focus on long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords that contain three or more words. These keywords are more specific, so they attract potential customers searching for your product.

Create easy-to-use navigation to help customers find products

Create easy-to-use navigation to help customers find products

An important component of your website is your navigation. When users visit your website, they want to be able to browse your products easily. If your navigation is unwieldy or unorganized, you run the risk of losing your website visitors to your competitors.

To get the most out of SEO for online clothing stores, focus on building simple, easy-to-use navigation with clear divisions!

Use high-quality images

With a fashion-focused e-commerce website, you need to rely on visuals to present products to your audience. Quality images also help increase your SEO rankings because customers prefer to refer to products on websites with clearer images.

In addition to images, you can add product introduction videos. They help customers better understand the product and increase the time customers stay on the site.

Do not forget to minimize the size of images and videos when posting on the website to avoid slowing down your website.

Optimizing website on mobile

The final tip for fashion eCommerce SEO is to make sure your website works on mobile devices. As 76% of consumers shop on smartphones, you need a mobile-friendly website to attract customers.

Since Google switched tomobile-first indexing, having a website that performs well on mobile devices is very important for your SEO and ranking high in search results.


Building a stylish and optimized e-commerce website offers a lot of potential for online sellers in the rapidly growing e-commerce era.

Hopefully, the above optimization methods can help you improve your fashion website and achieve better sales in the future. In case you are looking for a supplier of high-quality personalized fashion products, check out the products from Printway!

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