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Print On Demandis a great option for those who love to combine their creative minds with their entrepreneurial side. It’s never been easy to turn your artistic ideas to money with this business model. Want to start right away with the POD business but don’t know how much Print On Demand Cost? Read on to find out the exact costs that you need to run your own online business!

print on demand cost

Print On Demand Cost to open a store

As you may know, Print on demand is an ecommerce business model whereby you connect with a supplier to print and sell different customized products such as: hats, mugs, apparel, jewelry, accessories,...

Similar to Dropshipping, running a print on demand store means that you don't have to store any inventory and pay for orders until after you’ve sold it. 

In order to open a Print On Demand store, you have 3 ways. So how much does it cost to open your store in each way!

Open POD store using third party marketplace without fee

The first one is to open a storefront that many Print On Demand suppliers offer. What’s notable about this way is that it will cost you no money. A totally free way to open a Print On Demand Business. You can consider choosing one of those platforms below to create your own store. Remember to put your own personal touches and create a unique theme to hit your customers.

print on demand


Merch By Amazon: As a person living in an Internet world, you must hear about Amazon, the biggest ecommerce platform based in the US. Amazon offers a wide variety of consumer goods, digitals media, electronic devices,..In 2021, Amazon has over 2.7 billion combined desktop and mobile visits, a great platform for any seller to kick start their online business.

The popularity of Amazon is indisputable, that is the reason why merch by Amazon has become more popular over the years. Merch by Amazon is a marketplace that allows POD sellers to come and use their product creator to create products and sell POD. MBA is free to use but you’ll have to pay some fees when somebody purchases your items.

Teepublic:Teepublic is a specialized platform for T-shirt POF sellers. It has the third highest level of organic research, just after Redbuble and zazzle - two big platforms for T-shirts. Each month, Teepublic receives more than 10 million traffic, this helps new sellers easily obtain customers without losing bulk money for ads.

Teepublic is free to create stores and sell shirts, however, you have to pay a certain amount of money for each sale you make. Even Though the royalties on individual sales may be less, Teepuble are so good at thriving traffic and you can have more sales on your stores, which means that your monthly total royalties will stay high.

Redbubble:If you have numerous artistic ideas, don’t waste them by posting them free on social media, turn them into coins and dollars by using Redbubble. Redbubble is the biggest standalone POD marketplace based on its original traffic each month.

This marketplace allows independent designers, artist to create artwork, design them on shirts, phone cases, drinkware,... With each sale, they’ll pay you 20% royalty, you don’t have to pay any fees.

Open POD store using third party marketplace with fee

If you’re considering starting a print on demand business, you should invest in your store. Paying a little fee to create a unique storefront is the first thing you should do. Here are some platforms with huge traffic and reach, though they require some costs involved for participating, they are worth the price. 

print on demand cost


eBay:Similar to Amazon, eBay is an online shopping site that plays a role as both a B2C and B2B e-tailing business. eBay has been ranked among the top 5 biggest marketplace in the world. eBay does not have any built - in app to support Print On Demand but you can integrate POD service to optimize the whole working process. Besides listing fee and insertion fee, you have to pay a final value fee when an item is sold. In addition, sellers have to pay for an annual subscription,..

Etsy: Etsy is a paradise for POD sellers, buyers love Etsy because it provides unique, creative and customized products. Those features can be easily found on POD products. Etsy requires multiple fees ranging from transaction fee (5%), listing fee ($0.2/ item), payment process 3% +$0.25. subscription fee $10/ month, in -person selling fees $0.2/ item,...

Shopify:Shopify is a complete commerce platform for sellers wanting to create a professional looking ecommerce store, grow and manage their online business. Shopify offers 3 subscription plans: basic $29/mo. Shopify $79/mo, Advanced $299/mo. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. With Shopify, you can purchase a domain within Shopify ($14) or buy one on Namecheap.

Coding your own website

If you are serious in building your career in print on demand, you can invest in your store by coding it as you want. Although the fee is quite high compared to other methods, you can freely create any functions that help to boost your store performance.

Additional cost to invest in your POD store

Design fee

Starting an online business is not easy, especially with Print On Demand sellers. In order to sell products and get more customers, you have to create unique products. So now, it’s time to add the design fee to your total cost.

Sellers can hire freelance designers to create their designs, you can use Fiverr to find highly rated designers. Each artwork may cost you from $15-$25. You can also find a design agency to create your artwork. If you buy a design package from them, it may cost you less than hiring a professional design from Fiverr.

Marketing fee

Print On Demand is a quite competitive market, you can’t set up your store, doing nothing and expect customers will come and buy your product. How can you attract relevant visitors to visit your store? There are some methods in particular.

The first method is to take advantage of free traffic from free search engines. That means you have to optimize your store with SEO. This is a free way to get traffic and customers to your store, but it may take time and your products aren’t shown in front of potential customers until you have optimized your whole page.

The second step is to use paid traffic. You can use Etsy ads, Shopify ads, Google ads or ads from social media to attract customers to visit your store. You can set advertising fees based on your budget but you can go from $5 a day to $10 a day, or $25 a day. Remember to run your ad for three to four days to review its performance.


In conclusion, even though you may have an awesome idea with unique design, it’s not enough to have a successful Print On Demand business. To optimize your own business, you have to figure out your finances if you want your business to grow effectively.

If you have set up your store and are ready to sell, remember to choose a trusted fulfillment service. Printway is one option to consider, Printway is totally free to use.

Printway offers a wide range of printing options and products such as apparel, home decoration, accessories,... What’s notable about Printway is it provides products from many locations, such as China, the US, EU, Czech, Australia and Viet Nam. Products are typically produced in 3 to 5 business days.

When using the Printway service, you can approach more than 300 products and sell them on not only Etsy but also Amazon, eBay, Shopify,...

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