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Print on demand has become so much more familiar to consumers in recent years. This business model has developed at an unprecedented pace since when e-commerce platforms spread. But one thing about Print On Demand that makes people question a lot is: Is Print-On-demand Sustainable? As consumers become more aware of the environment, it is time to answer the question!Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Is Print On Demand Sustainable?

The rise of Print-On-Demand in E-commerce

According to Grand view research, the global market size of print-on-demand was valued at USD 4.90 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.1% from 2022 to 2030.

Consumers are easy to approach to print-on-demand products since e-commerce platforms allow them to buy these products in a blink of an eye. Print-on-demand products draw customers' attention since they can easily customize the text and image they want. 

There are so many things you can look for in a print-on-demand store such asEco-friendly shipping, Ethical labor, Transparency, quality, and price.

Why should sellers care about Sustainability?

In the two years after the publication of First Insight's first analysis on Gen Z and sustainability, Gen X consumers' preference for shopping sustainable companies has climbed by over 25%, as has their willingness to spend more for sustainable items.

 In fact, consumers of all ages, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z, are increasingly willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products.

 Only 58% of consumers across all generations were willing to spend more for sustainable solutions two years ago. Compared to just over 34% two years ago, nearly 90% of Gen X consumers stated they would be willing to spend an extra 10% or more for sustainable items now.

These figures let us know how important to change our business model to a more environmentally friendly one. That is why print on demand with its sustainable benefit wins in the game.

5 Ways that Print-on-Demand Makes Your Business More Sustainable

Wonder how Print On Demand could be that friendly to our environment, let's have a look at some points below!

Decrease material resources

Decrease material resources


As you may be aware, the fashion industry is now experiencing overproduction. As a result, some unsold clothing ends up in a landfill without ever being worn. What is the explanation for this? Apparel manufacturers save money by producing clothing in volume. Because it is difficult to foresee consumer fashion trends, having a diverse wardrobe might be beneficial. Trends change in response to society and generational preferences. With print-on-demand, this will never happen.

The print-on-demand models allow customers to design their own rights and sellers to sell a product without having to invest in inventory first. This means no unsold stock will be thrown away because all the products are to be printed to order.  When things are made to order, there are very few returns and fewer cut-offs during production. 

Another thing to consider is that Print on demand products are often personalized with meaningful messenger, which helps to add sentimental value. If that product means a lot to somebody, they're likely to keep it longer reducing the need for a new one. 

Reduce water consumption

Reduce water consumption


There are many traditional printing methods that use a lot of water, which increases the demand for water. However, most print-on-demand suppliers are now using ethical printing methods that reduce the number of water used. These printing methods can be UV Printing, Sublimation Printing, and DTG printing. 

All of these printing methods use less water or even use no water in their printing process. When using these printing ways, print-on-demand suppliers can produce a high-quality product with water-saving and sustainable ink.

No inventory is needed for Print-on-demand sellers

Normally, a seller needs to hire a place to store their products, more products need more space and humans to manage them. Unfortunately, increased storage space necessitates more power and other utilities, which contributes to a rise in the demand for natural resources. Furthermore, storage involves additional costs and inconveniences for business owners.

No inventory is needed for Print-on-demand sellers

However, because the print-on-demand supplier sends orders straight to the final customers, business owners do not need to find a room to store goods in the print-on-demand model. This approach makes it easy for store owners to run their businesses while also lowering our energy consumption.

More Efficient Transportation

With print on demand model, when the product is placed by a consumer, it will be sent directly from the manufacturer's factory to the customers. This cut down the number of transportation journeys made by each product in many cases. 

This is because orders would normally be routed to the shop rather than the customer, and retailers would frequently ship products out by postal service themselves.

High-quality products

Just like any other business, print-on-demand is relatively competitive on all platforms. To build customer trust and increase brand reputation, print-on-demand suppliers must make improvements to the quality of their products so that they last longer and are more sustainable for users.

Good-quality products last longer and they may take longer time to be thrown away or replaced. When a customer buys fewer new products, this means lower demand for materials and using less power used to make new products.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Whether you already have a Print on demand store or are just planning to open one, the nerve-racking question “Is Print-on-demand sustainable” bothers everyone equally

We do hope that after keeping up at this length, you’ve had your answer to this question.if you are looking for an affordable print-on-demand supplier to choose products from, give Printway a try. We will be an eager beaver helping you choose the best products for your store. 

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