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Saint Patrick's Day is one of the most famous traditional British holidays. For sellers on e-commerce platforms, focusing on promoting business this holiday is an opportunity to boost sales for their stores in Q1. In this article, let’s discover more information and business ideas for this holiday!

Saint Patrick’s Day origin 

siant -patrick-day

Saint Patrick's Day is a traditional Irish holiday. This is a religious festival of a nation but is held in many developed countries. The reason is that the Irish migrated quite a lot to countries such as the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina.

Every year, on March 17, Irish people in this country take to the streets to participate in parades and activities to celebrate the day of Saint Patrick - the saint who protected and evangelized Christ's spear to Ireland.

The potential of Saint Patrick's Day is hard to ignore

saint patrick day potential

Although not a traditional holiday in the US, with a large immigrant community, St. Patrick's Day is still a potential holiday in this market. According to NRF research, people in the US spend an average of $42.33 on this holiday and total spending is expected to reach $5.87 billion in 2022.

On the occasion of Saint Patrick's Day 2022, up to 34% of Americans participating in the survey buy food, 26% decorate their homes, 32% buy decorations, and 11% attend a parade,...

Saint Patrick's Day interesting facts

Let's learn some facts about Saint Patrick's Day before launching Print On Demand sales ideas for this holiday!

What do people do on Saint Patrick's Day?

Normally, people celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by wearing green, the color of the clover used by Saint Patrick to evangelize the people of Ireland.

  • Organize dinners with friends and family
  • Attend parties held at restaurants and bars
  • Home Decoration

The way consumers celebrate will be different depending on where they live. People in the East of North America are more likely to attend parades than those in the West.

Shopping trends on Saint Patrick's Day

Since the majority of the items consumers buy are food and beverages, nearly half of the survey respondents shopped at grocery stores. 11% plan to buy online. But this does not mean that online stores are not profitable this holiday.

Products that should be sold on Saint Patrick's Day

Based on the habits and ways of celebrating Saint Patrick's Day of the Irish people, the seller can list products such as:

  • T-shirt: the most worn product in parades, gatherings, and meetings. Popular T-shirts are mostly green designs with lucky elves, clover, rainbows, golden jars, Irish puns, or beer ideas.

sian patrick day shirt design

  • Mug: beer is an indispensable drink on Saint Patrick's Day, so products such as beer mugs cannot be absent from the list of products that should be sold on this holiday. Combined with the blue design and interesting quotes, the Mug will be the second best seller on this holy day.

siant -patrick-day-mug

  • Hoodie/ Sweatshirt: Similar to T-shirts, these two models are suitable for sale in countries still affected by cold air.
  • Home Décor products: 32% of consumers tend to decorate their offices and homes on St. Patrick's Day. Decorative items such as Round Wooden Sign, Printed Light Night, Printed Metal Sign, .... will be a refreshing item for your POD store.

home decor product

 See more products list fulfill Saint Patrick's Dayhere

Ideas to help increase sales for St Patrick's Day

Immediately apply these design ideas to increase profits for your POD store on the occasion of March 17!

Embellish the product with bright green color

Irish people have always considered green as a symbolic color of national love and religious consciousness. On Patrick's Day, Irish people often wear costumes and accessories with blue colors throughout. Not only that, but people also dye their hair blue, eat cakes, drink beer dyed blue, and cover this color on all roads.

 Leprechaun elves

 Leprechaun elves

The Leprechaun is considered a cultural icon of Ireland. According to the culture of this country, Leprechauns usually live at the foot of the rainbow with a pot of gold, due to their small size, these elves are often easy to catch. If you accidentally catch a Leprechaun and set them free, Leprechaun will grant you 3 wishes. Leprechauns are also often seen as the lucky elves of the Irish people. The seller can combine the design of these little elves with the image of a rainbow, and a golden jar to make their design more vivid.


Clover saint patrick day

According to legend, Saint Patrick used clover, a weed that often grows wild in Ireland, to teach the people about the Bible! Clover is also a symbol of luck, newness, and prosperity in Ireland. That's why Irish people often paint clover on their faces or use objects with clover on St Patrick's Day.

Hats, shoes, and golden jars of Leprechaun elf's icons

Hats, shoes, and golden jars of Leprechaun elf's icons

In addition to the unique designs of the lucky elves Leprechaun, sellers can use details such as hats, shoes, and gold jars to customize their POD products.

Green Beer

Green Beer

Saint Patrick's Day is an opportunity for friends, relatives, and family to meet and gather at restaurants and bars. Beer consumption on Saint Patrick's Day often increases dramatically, there's no reason why you shouldn't use this image in your design.

Don't forget the interesting quotes on Saint Patrick's day

Irish people often take to the streets to participate in parades or gather with friends to celebrate this holiday. Therefore, quotes with funny and interesting content printed on t-shirts, hats, ... will be a bright items for them to choose from on this day.

Some quotes the seller can refer to are:

  • I've been Irish for many beers
  • Irish today, Hungover tomorrow
  • I'm not late, I'm in Irish Time!
  • Made in Irish 100% original
  • Shake your shamrock
  • Safety first! Drink with a nurse
  • World Tallest Leprechaun
  • Shamrock Stud

St.Paddy Day's Effective Marketing Tips

To increase sales effectively, do not ignore the interesting marketing tips right below:

  • Discounts and promotions:Customers will be more willing to buy more products on St. Paddy day when products are discounted. The seller can adjust product discounts by 17%, and 30% during this holiday!
  • Blue Shop Synchronization: Give your store a uniform look with blue throughout to attract customers' attention. At the same time increase the rate of viewing and buying products.
  • Send email marketing to customers: plan to send email marketing with product information and promotion information for customers to make a shopping list for St. Paddy Day.

It’s a Wrap!

While not a huge commercial event, Saint Patrick's Day is an opportunity to increase sales for any seller! With Printway, you have a chance to fulfill multiple products in different categories. We can help you turn any ideas into a real print-on-demand product. Contact us now to get more useful information!

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