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Valentine's Day, which falls on February 14, is just about two months away, so you should make sure your store is prepared for the potential increase in sales. Continue reading to learn tips for streamlining the current and future Valentine’s Day shopping seasons.

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Review shipping and products suppliers

Although the busiest shopping months of January and February are passed, eCommerce sellers still need to assess the shipment speed of their shipping units. Ensure the items arrive on time and update the product description's content so people can comprehend it.

Customers typically begin looking for and purchasing Valentine's Day 2023 merchandise in the middle of January. Make sure your merchandiser has enough stock and product samples to prepare for Valentine's Day!

Prepare Your Inventory

Do you provide products that can be created first and then personalized? Consolidating your inventory is a terrific way to speed up order fulfillment right now. Looking at your sales from the prior year will help you determine how much inventory you could require. To determine how much of each thing you might wish to preserve, use that as a guide. You can plan ahead for future purchases if you have extra inventory after Father's Day. You can always manufacture more IF you run out.

If you offer goods that can only be created after a customer makes a purchase, use this chance to make sure you have enough of them on hand to complete orders.

Run a promotion program

Before, we didn't give special days like holidays or anniversaries much thought, but now we take them very seriously. Customers can be eager to part with a medium to a big sum of money to treat a loved one. They may also purchase presents for their loved ones, their pets, and themselves. the following

  • 19% of pet owners shop.
  • 20% of singles will offer gifts to family and friends, while 12% of singles will treat themselves to something special.
  • The remainder will consist of couples buying presents for one another.

Broaden your product selection to allow the customer to choose any products they need. The best way to pursue your customer to buy more is by adding some promotions and upselling product lists to increase the AOV. 

Some promotions programs you can use on Valentine’s day are:

  • Buy 1 get 1
  • Discount xx% off 
  • Free shipping when buying from $xx 

Research Keyword Trends

Every seller has to optimize their shops and products with Valentine's Day-related keywords that also meet the customer's search intent in order to have a successful Valentine's Day sales season. Make sure to add important Valentine's Day keywords to your listing and product description.

See the following list of Valentine's Day-related keywords on Etsy, created by eRank:

  • Valentines day
  • valentines day decor
  • valentines day gift for him
  • valentines day gifts for her
  • valentines day gift
  • valentines day shirt
  • valentines day gift for him personalized
  • valentines day cards for him
  • valentines day keychain

Top personalized products for Valentine’s Day

If you are finding suitable products for your eCommerce business this Valentine’s Day, here are some suggestions.

Heart -Shaped Acrylic Plaque 

Heart -Shaped Acrylic Plaque

This durable crystal heart plaque can easily customize the artwork on the surfaces. With a fixed heart shape, this plaque is totally suitable for Valentine’s Day.  

This plaque is sure to be displayed prominently on a mantle or shelf. Perfect gift for friends and family, partner on Valentine’s Day.

Heart Candle Holder

Heart Candle Holder

Made from high-quality wood and the message will not fade and stay forever. This heart candle holder is not only the perfect gift for Valentine’s day but also a great gift for Christmas, a birthday, a school college university graduation, a wedding, an anniversary, or any occasion.

Photo Clip Frame 

Photo Clip Frame

These frames are constructed from fine wood. Direct printing of the design onto the wood. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it is fully SINGLE-SIDE printed in vibrant, long-lasting color. With this photo frame with a clip, your store will have a more unique touch. Every frame is manufactured however your customers wish!

Acrylic Plaque

acrylic plaque


This acrylic plaque is made fromplexiglass, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and odorless. With professional printing technology, clear pictures, no color difference, and no color fading. These clear acrylic custom song signs have crisp, clean edges and are very strong, moisture-resistant, shatterproof, and clearer than glass.

It is easy to customize, your customer can change/swap the picture, and personalize it! Your customers can choose any photos that remind them of great moments with a special memory this Valentine's day.


Classic but never goes out of style, apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies, and Sweatshirts,... is the best gift for anyone this Valentine's Day. Printway provides sellers with high-quality apparel, diverse sizes, from famous brands such as Gildan, As Colour,...

Plus, you can easily change or add any artworks your customers want on these customized apparel.

Transparent Key Chain

Personalized Keychain UV-printed on high-quality clear acrylic is a meaningful gift that your customers can buy to give their friends and family. This is a cost-effective way to give  Valentine's Gift to everyone around.

Discover more potential products for Valentine’s Day here

If you are reading until here, we hope that you are ready to get your shop done for this Valentine’s Day 2023. Choose the bestPrint-On-Demandproducts for your store and start designing to have your first win on this occasion!

Good Luck!

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