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Show off your brand's personality with a custom branding package is the best way to draw customers' attention cost-efficiently. It gives you a chance to build your personality and actual interaction with customers. Let’s dive right into this article to find out how can you make the first impression on your customers by using custom branding on print-on-demand products.

What is custom branding?

A business’s branding is more important than you think. Custom branding is the most effective way to reach customers and differentiate the brand from the competition, especially for businesses that sell Print-On-Demand items. 

Branding is the process of creating a name and image for a business in the minds of customers. When you start adding differentiating details to your product, you're building your brand.

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There are countless things to consider throughout the branding process such as brand name, logo, main color, tone, voice in media, brand guidelines,... and a custom branding package is among them.

For example, a print-on-demand ornament package can be customized by adding stickers, a seal, thank you card,... that represents your brand so your customers can easily recognize your product when they receive it.

The Importance Of Branding In Business

 Let’s understand why every business needs custom branding!

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More People Will Recognize Your Business

Branding has always been a crucial aspect of the company, and it may be more critical now than ever. Every day, customers have exposed to new companies thanks to social media. This is excellent for customers who have a lot of options and can perform research to choose the best one, but it makes it difficult for businesses.

That is why businesses must create a brand for customers to notice them in a sea of competition. Customers will actively recall your services if you develop a strong enough brand.

Take the initiative to create a brand with distinguishing components such as logos, photos, and colors that appeal to them to impress customers. Customers may only see your brand once, but this is an opportunity for them to remember it,if your branding has stuck with them, they’ll come back to you.

Branding Can help build trust

Customer trust is something that every organization strives for. Customers who have begun to believe in the value and service that the company delivers will continue with the brand's products for a longer period of time.

However, gaining client trust is a difficult task. A company that lacks crucial parts of its brand may struggle to gain the trust of its customers.Branding is something that people look at in any field and missing this could be a red flag to some. Without branding, you have very little to show for your business.

People are more likely to trust and return to a business that provides a more personalized customer experience - the ones that remember them and provide them with the greatest deals and recommendations.

For example, everyone like personalized packages. Creating remarkable custom unpacking experiences not only strengthens your brand's identity but also keeps your customers coming back for more.

Attracts High-Quality Customers 

Customers are always looking for businesses from which they can continue to purchase without much thought. In other words, they are looking for companies that they can love and trust. Bringing in such high-end consumers constantly, however, will not be easy.

Custom branding is the answer.

Creating a personalized brand entails focusing on an audience willing to pay more to get more. For example, designing bespoke products based on each customer's interests can leave them wondering, "Is it built specifically for me?"

This increases consumer engagement and deepens customer relationships, attracting clients who will buy your product or service more willingly and repeatedly.

Stand Out From Competition 

Print on Demand in particular and other business lines, in particular, have very fierce competition. Building a prominent brand is a way to stand out in the eyes of customers.

Without a strong brand, your business will be just like other players in thousands of competitors.

Custom branding will help your brand stand out from the competition. The values and uniqueness your brand offers are what your customers want and will help you stand out in their eyes.

What’s Included in a Custom Branding Print-On-Demand Package 

Before you can roll out on-brand designs, you need a robust brand identity package,  let’s break down what a print-on-demand branding package contains.

Please noted that there are two ways to add custom branding to a print-on-demand package. The first way is to create and print them yourself and send them directly to your print-on-demand supplier. The second way is finding the supplier that provides custom branding on their list.

Printway is providing a custom branding service that allows sellers to easily design packaging in accordance with their own brand at an optimal cost.

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Thanh You Card

Thank you cards are the final touch on a good first impression.Depending on how much in-person outreach you do thank you cards can also be a highly sought-after element of a branding package. These cards are a great brand element and an effective way to say thank you to your customer. To this day, thank you cards are still a very common part of a brand package. 

Some businesses use thank you cards as an opportunity to reinforce their brand by putting their logo, font, and color scheme on them. Use thank you notes as an opportunity to express their creative side as well!

Logo Sticker

Custom stickers can be a great way to promote your business and increase sales. Many companies offer custom stickers. These stickers can be used in packaging or decals to display your business logo.

Box and Seal Sticker

A small branding package normally includes a box with a seal sticker outside. This seal can include all of the brand logos, color palettes, fonts, or a note to customers. Although the cost to add a seal to the product is not too much, this is an effective way to make your packaging different from the series of other brands packaging on the market.

Level Up Your Brand Identity Package with Printway custom branding service

Since every brand’s specific needs vary, branding package pricing may range from $2,000-$75,000. But lucky for you, Printway offers acustom branding service with a box, seal sticker, thank you card, and logo sticker for only from  $1.1.

With this custom branding service, Printway will help you

  • Create unique branding design for all made-in-Viet Nam print-on-demand products
  • MOQ from 01 unit
  • Print as you like

We make the label and card on demand, so give us your design to create your one-of-a-kind label/card. The creative label will make your products more gorgeous and unique that helping you reach more customers. The design is printed with new age printing technology, directly on the label. 

It is printed with eco-friendly ink. It is treated with heat treatment to ensure colorfastness and lasting durability of the design. The color will not fade, it will still be beautiful and vibrant until your customers receive the product. You can use our card templates to design the following cards: gift vouchers, thank you cards,.

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