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The year 2022 has passed with many outstanding sales events. What have you learned through your sales experience this year? Use these experiences to get ready for a more explosive new year. Check out 5 ways to elevate your Etsy business.

Best way to elevate your Etsy Business in 2023

Review of your sales in 2022

Don't ignore sales figures throughout 2022, through sales data, sellers can know what are the main selling items in 2022, customer consumption trends, and designs,...And much more useful data to improve the product and service we provide in 2023.

Take advantage of the time when customers have not bought too much in January to start making business plans for the new year and study the list of new products for your store.

Study metrics from the store to make improvements

Besides looking at sales, there's a lot more business owners can learn from business data throughout 2022. Metrics like orders fall, and average order value increases. or the customer bounce index when visiting the store will tell you what you need to improve for 2023.

You can check the metrics at your Etsy store or set up Traffic Stats on a tool like eRank to easily track the metrics and search terms that bring traffic to your store. Studying the metrics regularly also helps sellers see potential developments and trends for their store if any.

Adding new products

Adding new products

New year, new products. Your store should be supplemented with a list of new products to give customers more choices in 2023. Keep an eye on new keywords with high search volume in the last months of the year or niche products with high search volume. potential on other e-commerce platforms.

Try listing a few products, check their potential and see if they fit your store and the customer group you're targeting before bulking up.

Take care of the brand's social network

Take care of the brand's social network

If you haven't invested in social media platforms, January is a good time to start refreshing your brand's social media platforms. Focus on the content that customers care about by showing it through interesting images and videos. Canva and GIMP are platforms that provide great design tools and are easy to use for beginners.

If you don't have an idea to post on platforms, use user-generated content such as photos, and customer reviews when using your products, ...

Improve your store's SEO

Improve your store's SEO

Updating your store's SEO keywords is key for buyers to find your product when they search on Etsy. Use eRank, Semrush, Ahref, or Keywordtool.io's keyword search tools to discover a list of keywords that are being searched a lot. Then re-optimize the most appropriate phrases for your listing title and description.

In addition to the tools mentioned above, you can also use one of the two eRank tools below to determine keyword seasonality and predict upcoming trends:

Monthly Trends: Includes the most popular keywords in Etsy's categories. This tool will return search trends for the past 15 months for each category. This allows you to identify popular seasonal phrases and develop specific SEO strategies.

Trend Buzz: This tool shows current trending keywords on Etsy and other marketplaces (both online and traditional). You can also use this tool to find trending products, recipients (men, women, pets, etc.), styles, and materials on Etsy. This makes it easy to spot emerging search trends and incorporate them into your listings accordingly.

Adjust product price

Product prices also change depending on the situation of inflation, product costs, and transportation. The beginning of the year is an ideal time for you to adjust the price of the product without the customer commenting too much.

Recalculate the full cost of your product and start adjusting prices, don't forget to notify your customers of your price adjustment.


Here are some ways to leverage your Etsy business in 2023. Be ready to change and make new progress in your store. In case you are finding a reliableprint-on- demand supplier, Printway is here to help. Connect with us if you want to fulfill high quality products for your online store! 

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