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If you’re an online business, it’s important to have an effective eCommerce marketing strategy in place. With the right strategies in place, you can increase your online sales and boost your bottom line. But what should your eCommerce marketing strategy look like? In this blog post, we’ll discuss 15 eCommerce marketing ideas to help you grow your online sales. We’ll cover topics such as what eCommerce marketing is, how it works, its importance of it, and how to create a successful eCommerce marketing ideas strategy. So, let’s get started!

12 Ecommerce Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Online Sales

What is eCommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce Marketing is an activity using a variety of channels such as Social Media, Digital Content, SEO, Email Marketing, etc. to attract online customers with the ultimate aim of improving brand awareness and increasing sales.

Today, most businesses use Ecommerce to promote their online business. However, not everyone understands this concept as well as knows how to choose the right deployment channel.

How does eCommerce Marketing work?

E-commerce marketing is vital since firms must sell themselves, whether through digital marketing or traditional marketing. All firms must inform potential clients of their existence and provide them with something beneficial. There are several marketing proposal examples available online for ideas."

How does eCommerce Marketing work?


Online buyers today have a wealth of options at their disposal. They may evaluate hundreds of websites and items at the same time, consulting customer evaluations for unbiased assessments of what you have to offer. A variety of other issues (such as a lack of personalization) might also have a subtle impact on the online purchasing experience. In severe circumstances, this might completely dissuade people from engaging with your company.

As a result, it is critical for businesses to stand out from the throng. E-commerce marketing tactics enable this, whether through emphasizing important selling aspects or just eliminating friction during the purchase process.

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Why eCommerce Marketing is important?

The main reason to start an online marketing campaign is to increase the brand awareness of your product or service. Most people go to web browsers to perform searches. So maybe a consumer might glance at your company name or logo and be interested in what your company has to offer.

Good marketers begin with their consumers - either the ones they already have or the ones they wish to recruit. If you already have customer activity data, attempt to figure out how many new purchases you're receiving. You should also understand how often consumers buy from you and how much they spend, as well as other details such as gender, age, and region.

Another critical factor to examine is why customers are buying from you in the first place. People buy things because they have a desire that the goods or services will (hopefully) satisfy. Don't be hesitant to openly question consumers about their purchasing decisions - how they utilize your products and the issues they're attempting to solve with them.

Finally, attempt to figure out which platforms (like Twitter or Instagram) your target demographic utilizes. A flawless marketing effort is meaningless if your target audience never sees it or is not exposed to it as often as possible.

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Top E-commerce Marketing Ideas to Help You Grow Your Online Sales

Are you finding an effective way to increase your online business store, here are 15 eCommerce marketing ideas that you can implement to help grow your online sales.

Social Media Marketing

Shopping through social media is getting increasingly popular. As a result, most e-commerce enterprises concentrate on creating Social Media platforms in order to reach, attract, and enhance conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing


You should deploy sales material from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,... or any other social networking site where your clients are present, such as posting items, sharing specials, and so on. You should also consider knitting items. Include additional articles regarding knowledge sharing and offering relevant information to users...

You can create Shoppable Posts, often known as shopping-enabled posts. This is the standard for adding product tags and pricing to photos. The user will be sent to the order page after clicking. You may simply add things to the cart and pay from there.

Viral Video

Producing a viral video is an excellent strategy to increase client awareness of your product and brand. Each view, Like, Comment, and Share is a new chance to reach a big number of potential consumers. However, putting Viral Videos into action is not easy. Although the video is conceivable, the level of viral transmission is unknown.

In general, if you want to create a viral video, you should start with an original, unexpected, and remarkable idea (shocking, funny, touching, inspiring, ...)

Email Marketing

Many businesses overlook Email Marketing while doing Ecommerce Marketing. This is a blunder that has a direct impact on sales. Because businesses may easily captivate consumers and influence their purchase decisions if they target the proper demographic and offer appealing customized information.

Email Marketing


However, prepare to send scientific emails and avoid spamming consumers, since this will make them uncomfortable and will reflect poorly on your company.

You can specifically send Emails to consumers for marketing purposes, such as

  • Send an email to clients who have yet to finalize their orders.
  • Send an email with an order confirmation.
  • Send an email with the order status.
  • After purchasing the goods, send an email to customer service.
  • Send Email reminders regarding bargains, promotions, updated pricing of goods put into the cart, and so forth.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing approach for e-commerce enterprises. You must specifically optimize your business website for SEO.

Sales pages with proper SEO implementation score high in search results, and more visitors see your products and visit your website. The likelihood of receiving an order increases from there.

Improving brand reputation is another advantage of Website SEO. If your product is at the top, readers are more likely to buy it. This is a method to assist firms to increase client trust, especially whether they are in cosmetics, food, or other industries.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Make your website mobile-friendly


According to the statistics, mobile has surpassed desktop in terms of market share, with roughly 55 percent vs 43 percent. As a result, each modern business must have a responsive, mobile-optimized website

Designing a mobile-optimized website interface is the process of creating and designing a website that can automatically adjust to the device through which people view it. Specifically, employing a sequence of scripts contained in a website programming script to automatically alter and update the website's interface to be suitable for mobile devices.

Websites that are not optimized for mobile devices will not be able to display adequately on mobile devices due to the material being too huge. This renders the website's user experience incomplete, if not challenging.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Make your website mobile-friendly.
  • Make certain that your website loads swiftly.
  • Improve site search by optimizing your mobile site.
  • Make the checkout process easier.
  • Make use of large, clear buttons.

Build a mobile app

Creating an app for your business is another approach to making it mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are currently how most people use the internet, and have been for some time; mobile internet use surpassed desktop internet use in 2016. In that regard, a specialized mobile app is a wise choice.

An app may not be desirable for a small firm, but they are worth considering for a huge corporation. Apps have several benefits over mobile websites. They usually load faster than websites, saving both waiting and shopping times. They also make it easier for customers to view items than search in a web app.

Push alerts are another significant benefit. These allow you to inform internet customers about sales and other promotions. If a product they wish to buy is out of stock, you may utilize an app's push notification to notify them when it becomes available again.

While developing mobile applications takes time and money, the increased popularity of mobile devices might make them a worthwhile investment. Regardless of your choice, make sure your website is mobile-responsive. This is especially important for a small business; with only 18% of small businesses having one, having a responsive website is a simple way to stand out.

Add Live Chat

Live chat as an upgrade of text messaging, is a tool that enables real-time, online chat. It helps you exchange help, advice, and customer support immediately through direct messages.

Add Live Chat


Customers may use live chat to ask inquiries and voice concerns before making a purchase choice. It's also a chance for your agents to share product information and knowledge base articles with your customers, allowing them to make more educated selections. This helps to eliminate any ambiguities, increasing your conversion rate while also improving your clients' purchasing experience.

Live chat may also be used deliberately to target website users on specific pages or after they've been on pages (such as product pages) for a given period of time, hence increasing consumer engagement.

Reduce Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart Emails (Abandoned Cart Emails) are Emails that are automatically sent to customers. The purpose is to remind them of the items that have been selected to buy in the basket but have not yet made payment.

Reduce Abandoned Cart

Here are the reasons why customers abandon their shopping cart that you can influence again:

  • The surcharge is too high.
  • required to create an account.
  • Complicated payment process.
  • Do not trust the Web site.
  • Web error conditions appear.
  • Slow delivery time.
  • Strict return policy.
  • Lack of payment options.

According to research, Abandoned Cart emails really make things different:

  • 45% of customers open abandoned cart emails.
  • 21% of all cart abandonment emails get clicks.
  • 50% of those clicks lead to abandoned cart checkouts.

Here's a straightforward email remarketing sequence for clients who did not finish a purchase:

  • Several hours after abandonment - Reminder of the abandoned cart and encouragement to complete the purchase before supply runs out 24 hours after abandonment 
  • Last chance to buy before cart expires 2 days after abandonment - Social proof/education
  • 4 days after abandonment - Provide a limited-time discount to encourage purchasing.
  • Last opportunity to earn discount 5 days after abandonment
  • Use a popup to persuade shoppers to add abandoned products to their shopping basket on their next visit.

 Use social proof

In marketing, social proof is defined as a contagion or knowledge dissemination effect.

Individuals will quickly adopt the acts or preferences of someone or a group of people they like or trust, according to the contagion effect.

 Use social proof


The contagion effect proposes that the behaviors and attitudes of those around us (in real life or online) have an impact on our own behavior.

An example of the viral effect in marketing can be taken as follows.

You want to confirm the quality of a certain product but are still confused. As soon as experts, bloggers, and influencers related to the product confirm that they have used this product and found it effective, you will immediately choose to buy the product without any further analysis. so on.

Or if you are a fan who loves your idol very much, when they use their clothes, how they check in at the restaurants, you are also interested in them. This will help the products they use to be loved by many people.

Promote user-generated content

User-generated content is a very effective type of social proof. It depicts individuals utilizing and appreciating your items in their natural environment. People may not always believe what you say about your items, but they will believe what genuine customers say.

Users who interact with UGC are 161% more likely to convert, according to the research of 200,000 eCommerce companies!

How can you make UGC a more important part of your eCommerce marketing strategies? Some easy methods are as follows:

  • Request that current consumers upload images of themselves using your items and tag your company.
  • Make a #hashtag for your items and encourage customers to use it while discussing them.
  • Repost nice customer comments that may otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Organize a UGC competition with a specific theme.

Improve online store CRO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the technique of maximizing the percentage of website visitors who do the desired action. Purchase a product, clicking 'add to cart,' signing up for a service, filling out a form, or clicking on a link are all examples of desired activities.

Improve online store CRO


If you don't invest in CRO, you're simply throwing money away. You may generate more income from existing traffic by increasing your conversion rate. This income may then be used to acquire additional visitors, which converts at a faster rate, generating more money, and so on. CRO serves as a propeller for your marketing activities.

And the fact is that even a minor improvement in conversion rate can result in significant revenue increases.

For example, your website can reach more than 10 million customers in a year with a 5% conversion rate. If you can increase your conversion rate, you can get more money and not have to invest too much in the current marketing fee you are spending each year.

Create a loyalty program

Create a loyalty program


Building brand recognition and attracting new clients are far more expensive than maintaining existing ones. Furthermore, strengthening loyalty by as low as 5% might result in a significant increase in profitability.

Amazon Prime exemplifies the value of a post-purchase loyalty program. The average annual amount spent on Amazon by Prime customers is 133% more than that of non-Prime customers. Furthermore, more than 45% of Prime members shop on Amazon at least once a week.

Developing a program that rewards your most loyal customers will keep them coming back for more. As a consequence, your Customer Lifetime Value will rise, benefiting your entire organization.

Some customer loyalty programs you can implement are:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • 10% discount for the next order
  • Free shipping for loyalty customers


Now you know some eCommerce marketing ideas to increase your online store profit and visibility. Browsing, reading, and choosing the one that best suits your eCommerce needs, do not forget to combine different ideas to leverage the effectiveness of your store.

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