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According to Hubspot, 82% of customers interact with asalesperson, or ask a question about a product or service and that number reaches 90% when it comes to customer service support. A solid eCommerce customer service strategy can help business owners improve their customer experience. Here are some ways we think can help you leverage your brand success and grow your business. Check it out now!

05 Best Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Service

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What is eCommerce Customer Service?

Customers who shop for products on any e-commerce platform or website require assistance from the customer service or sales team to solve their concerns. A good customer care team can assist consumers with inquiries via phone, email, live chat social media platforms, and other means.

The individuals responsible for providing customer care services will typically be responsible for the following main tasks:

  • Troubleshooting for customers:Although today's websites are built to support maximum customers, there will inevitably be errors arising in the buying journey of each person. So make sure you have a customer service representative to deal with technical issues for your guests quickly and efficiently.
  • Respond to questions:Shopping online is not the same as shopping in person. With direct shopping, customers can see, see, and try products. But with online shopping, they don't have a complete view of the product. For example, what is the actual size of the product, what is the material, how to use the product correctly,... There are countless questions that customers need to be answered when shopping for products online. 
  • Post-purchase support:Issues such as lost orders, wrong delivery, and problem goods,... all need to be received and handled by customer care representatives. Enthusiastic post-purchase support is a factor for customers to return to the shop the next time. A good customer service provider will be a service that is trusted by customers and builds trust with them.

 Why a good customer service is important?

 Why a good customer service is important?

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Customer service plays an important role in building a close relationship with customers, increasing customer loyalty to the brand, etc. Here are a few reasons why customer service is important.

  • Build customer loyalty: Taking good care of your customers before, during, and after they complete a purchase will help them feel valued and ready to spend more time shopping with you. trademark. According to aPwC report, brands that provide customer service are more likely to receive newsletter subscriptions, sign up for promotions, and have more repeat customers.

Measure and optimize what matters through smart reporting

  • Attract new customers: When your brand is trusted by many people, a loyal customer base can quickly recommend your brand to those around them. According to Hubspot, 81% of buyers trust their friend's and family’s advice over advice from a business
  • Increase conversion rate: A good customer relationship can attract potential customers and help your business grow by turning them into loyal customers

Top 5 Best Practices to improve your eCommerce Service

So, what constitutes an effective approach to business customer service? A good strategy will have the following critical components:

Top 5 Best Practices to improve your eCommerce Service
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Build a Multichannel support strategy

E-commerce businesses need to be present on many different channels to create marketing advantages, and at the same time, omnichannel selling also makes it more convenient to generate sales and support customers on these channels.

 Remember, on any platform, you can get compliments and complaints about your service. That's why the customer service team needs to be present across multiple channels and platforms and always ready to support and respond to customers. There is something you must notice when building a multichannel support strategy:

Stay consistent: When using multiple sales channels and multiple customer service channels, businesses need to stay consistent. This is reflected in response time, tone, voice when responding to customers, and consistent support through all channels. This ensures that no matter which channel you use for customer service, customers will experience uniform service. Use support tools, and tracking software that aggregates channels that businesses are using to easily track customer needs.

Make your website “customer support friendly”: On your website, you can provide many customer service channels like live chat and chatbot. Use CTAs that connect directly to the customer care team or links to the Help Center so guests can find answers to their problems on their own.

Respond as fast as possible

A study by Forrester showed that up to 73% stated that optimizing time is one of the most important customer service values. This study also shows that up to 53% of consumers are more likely to abandon a purchase if they don't find a quick answer to their question.

Therefore, businesses need to build a prioritization system to respond to customer problems at the most optimal time after receiving their inquiries.

How can I respond to customer issues more quickly? The best way is to build a system of common problems so that the customer care team can react as soon as customers encounter these questions.

 Automate your processes with customer service tools

The work of the customer care team will be reduced and optimized when using e-commerce customer service software. These tools will help the customer care team connect with customers more quickly, arrange problems that occur as well information that customers require. Most of these process automation tools can help businesses respond to customers quickly in less time.

A personal touch

Currently, many units usee automated response tools to support customers. However, according to research from PwC, 71% of customers in the US prefer to interact with a customer service representative instead of a chatbot.

Businesses can implement a combination of chatbots and customer care teams to optimize their customer support processes.

Measure and optimize what matters through smart reporting

Measure and optimize what matters through smart reporting

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To ensure the effectiveness of the customer service team, businesses need to set up KPIs, track metrics, and report. For eCommerce, you'll want to track metrics like customer satisfaction, total conversations per day, and card insights.

These metrics can be tracked through the tools or apps the business is using. Besides some of the above-mentioned metrics, businesses can track the number of requests, requests that have been resolved, and time to resolve requests.

After measuring everything you need to analyze and generate reports, you should figure out your next steps to improve the quality of your support team's work. Then, implement possible solutions to optimize your customer service.

Wrap Up

A great eCommerce customer care plan assists you in retaining existing consumers, acquiring new ones, and increasing overall conversion rates. In other words, providing excellent customer service is critical to the success of your online business.

Start to build your eCommerce customer service strategy right away to optimize your sale and reach new target customers!

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Good luck!

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