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Etsyhas long ceased to be a website solely for shopping for crafts or vintage items. Customers shop at Etsy because the site offers a large number of unique items that few other platforms offer. In today's article, let's explore the 3 steps of effective marketing planning on Etsy in 2023.

03 simple steps to plan your marketing strategy on Etsy in 2023

Why is Etsy still a potential market in 2023?

As of 2023, Etsy remains a diverse and thriving online business marketplace. The proof lies in the incredible numbers this platform owns in 2022.

Why is Etsy still a potential market in 2023?

  • Etsy receives 377.4 million visitors per month on average. (SimilarWeb)
  • In the last six months, Etsy generated $1,164,401 in income. (July 2022 Etsy Quarterly Report)
  • On the platform, there are approximately 43 different Etsy product categories. (From Venture Beat)
  • 76% of merchants regard their online stores as a business. (Establishing an Etsy Economy)
  • Females account for 86% of Etsy merchants. (Creating an Etsy Economy)

From the above figures, you can see the strength and outstanding growth rate of Etsy each year. That's why sellers need to work every row to keep up with the platform's growth.

03 steps to build an effective marketing plan on Etsy in 2023

To run your Etsy store effectively in 2023, get ready to plan your marketing with the specific steps suggested below.

03 steps to build an effective marketing plan on Etsy in 2023

Step 1: Make a development plan

According to eRank, there are two main items that sellers can prepare before starting to develop a marketing plan for their store in 2023.

Store Improvements

While these are elements that do not need to be completed in a specific time, they will also have a positive impact on your store revenue. Small improvements over time will result in a better customer experience each time they visit your store. You don't need to make too many changes to get positive effects.


  • Improve image quality: Beautiful, high-quality images not only help you drive better sales but also improve your rankings when customers search on Etsy. If you need to improve your product image, start making changes this year. More professional images mean more sales and clicks
  • SEO Optimization: Although not everything, SEO is an important factor for your product to show up in front of potential customers. Optimizing SEO on Etsy is something that any store owner must do right in 2023

Approaching new business methods

  • 2023 is the year of social commerce platforms, Etsy sellers can unlock the potential of new sales channels to expand their revenue.
  • Use more social media platforms or marketing platforms that you are not using like Tiktok, and Pinterest,...
  • Business on your website

Step 2: Introduce new products and promotions

This next step is to figure out when you will run marketing campaigns this year to increase your sales. There are 3 main types of campaigns to consider:

Launching new products or collections

Adding new products to your store catalog, you can showcase individual products or plan to launch collections with multiple products under specific themes.

For example, if you are selling clothing products, you can create a collection with themed designs on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day, ... and launch at the appropriate times.

You do not have to look for products that are too unique, you can start with new ideas to make these products more special.

Holidays and discount events

Holidays and major events are ideal times for sellers to increase sales on their Etsy stores. Some of the big holidays with high potential for Etsy sellers are Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Day, Easter Day, and New Year's eve,...

In addition to holidays, some events such as Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, ... are also good times to start creating programs to attract customers.

Other promotions

In addition to special holidays, you can also actively run promotions according to your needs. These programs are intended to attract customers to use products or services or encourage them to buy more products.

Step 03: Make a year marketing plan 

When it comes to marketing on Etsy, sellers need to plan early as most shopping events require early planning and preparation.

For example, Halloween takes place in October, but the time to plan and prepare marketing plans for this holiday can start in August. Many sellers are even getting ready from July. for a successful Halloween season.

You should also plan early for the holidays you want to boost sales, such as Christmas or Black Friday.

This way, you will always be proactive in events and will get better results with careful preparation.

To determine when you need to prepare for the festival, you can use several tools such as Google trends, Pinterest trends, eRank, ... to check the specific time that customers start searching for information. about that holiday. Follow that time to start preparing one to two months in advance.

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