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“Social Listening” is becoming more popular, particularly in the context of improving communication tactics. This is an effective way to allow marketers, entrepreneurs, sellers to build a thorough insight into how consumers and potential customers perceive their business by studying what they say on social media. With eCommerce owners, it’s time to boost business performance by using social listening instead of personal conjecture or sentiments. Read on to find out about social listening definition and some social listening tools for eCommerce businesses.

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What is social listening?

Social listening is the practice of comprehending what people are saying about you and your brand on social media. These data will be analyzed to identify opportunities to tailor brand social media content, campaigns, product description, email marketing to suit the tone of voice of your audience. 

Social Listening will track brand mentions, customer feedback, industry trends,... from the internet which are related to your brand and also your rivals’ branding. When you have enough data, you can have a thorough understanding of your customer, understand them, know where they are and what they are up to. With any business, social listening plays a vital role in marketing strategy and is a key metric to building a stronger online business.

Social listening includes two steps:

  • Step 1: Use tools to research and gather data from social media channels for mentions of your brands, competitors, products, keywords related to your business. 
  • Step 2: Analyze this data to know what exactly customers think about your brand, service and what needs to improve or change to meet their demand. This helpful information can help to shift your entire brand positioning.

The benefits of Social Listening with eCommerce Business

Social listening is a powerful tool for any business related to eCommerce to boost their performance via social media. This may include customer service, customer insights, lead generation, and influencer marketing. In some particular cases, walking in a customer’s shoes can show a way to solve serious problems such as brand crises or prevent problems from occurring. To be more specific, here are some of the ways social listening can benefit your eCommerce business.

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Understand and interact with your target audience

Social listening brings in an enormous opportunity for any brand to interact with its current customers. Starbuck - a coffee giant in the world is a classic example of social listening when they usually keep in touch with customers through Facebook, Twitter. Starbuck shows their willingness to listen and solve any complaints or questions of customers by answering comments or Tweets on social media. This is an effective way to have a better understanding of what the audience wants from your brand and turn customer demand into a brand’s action.

Industry and competitor intelligence

Social listening is not only an effective tool that helps any business to listen to their customers but it is also a great tool to find out what people talk about their competitors. This also provides essential information about where you fit in the marketplace.

In real-time, social listening reveals what a brand’s competitors are up to, what are they doing to gain more customers, broaden their business or are they developing new marketing campaigns?

Keeping up with the flow of social media will ensure that business owners have a chance to discover new opportunities and threats as they happen and respond in real-time.

Find out customer’s pain point

Following social media conversations related to your field can show various insights from customers. Based on this information, the product and marketing team can decide on adding a new product line or improving function or current products. 

With eCommerce Business, this will help sellers open new product lines, improve product quality or adjust the price to suit customer’s demand.

Customer Service

Thanks to Social listening tools and social listening platforms, marketers or eCommerce business owners can easily follow online conversations related to their brand. Nowadays, customers expect to receive fast and accurate customer service. What provides them with relatively easy access to the business is the Internet and social media.

The important point about listening to what customers are talking about is that they usually point out negative things about your brand. As a brand owner, you want to nip any issues before they turn into a massive problem. Taking care of any negative comment or conversation on social media is the easy part to do so. 

How to set up Social Media listening?

In social listening, businesses need to choose the most suitable theme and keyword. This information can be changed based on what customers talk about the brand. However, there are some important keywords and theme that each business should care about from the beginning:

  • Brand name on social media
  • Product name
  • Competitor’s brand name, products,... on social media
  • Competitor’s brand and slogan on social media
  • Campaign and keywords
  • Brand hashtag of competitors
  • Hashtags related to the field

Top bestsocial listening tools in the market for eCommerce business

Let's check out some of the top best social listening tools that can improve your online business right below!

Hubspot Social Media Management Software

Hubspot software allows businesses to update what is on-trend by following specific keywords. Hubspot is also a flexible tool that lets creators upload content without logging into any social media account, schedule content on all platforms week before the date, set up keyword monitoring so you never miss a mention,... 

Hubspot also provides out-of-the-box social reports that compare the performance of different platforms, campaigns and publishing times,...


NetBase is one of a few social listening tools that use Natural Language Processing to follow the most important conversations on social media. NetBase gathers information from millions of social media and shows you customer data such as attitude, willingness to purchase, and needs.

NetBase brings in a built-in dashboard presenting data in intuitive graphs, charts, and heatmaps. This tool also allows users to customize their data and necessary reports to develop their own business.

Sellers may gain real-time insights from client conversations with the help of NetBase's AI, which monitors Hastash, comments, mentions, Emotions, Attributes, and Behaviors, among other things.



Mention enables sellers to follow millions of contents and conversations discussed in 42 languages. This tool can update real-time data continuously in 24 hours and allow businesses to adjust reports depending on their demand. 

In addition, Mention also provides tools to compare their company with competitors to make sure their content is always up to date, suitable, and unique. 



Hootsuite is one of the best social listening tools that cost you Zero fees to use. You can use Hootsuite to set up a social media stream to manage comments, mentions, keywords, hashtags,... on multiple social platforms.

One huge advantage of Hootsuite is that it allows users to monitor and respond to conversations, comments, or mentions from one dashboard instead of logging into different platforms.

Hootsuite also allows users to keep an ear to the ground in their industry by collecting rival’s data and building relationships with social media creators such as KOL or influencers as well as your prosperity brand supporters.  



Brand24 is not like any other social listening tool, it has a statistical analysis-based approach to social listening. Brand24 uses hashtag tracking and sentiment analysis to inform the business about customer behaviors and attitudes. 

Analysis track of Brand24 will track categorical positive, negative and neutral mentions based on each keyword you have chosen. It also provides the context in which your brand and website are discussed. 

Besides, Brand24 has also created their ranking Score for Influencer, this data will indicate who your industry’s influencers are and assist you to choose a suitable one for your brand.



AgoraPulse is a 2-in-1 social listening platform, it enables users to schedule and monitor functions. This tool tracks comments, mentions related to your accounts, brand, comments on social media posts and conversations, AgoraPulse also allows users to search for needed keywords across Twitter. If you want to find the industry’s influencer, AgoraPulse creates favorable conditions to find the ideal one and assign the conversation to your team in a short time.

5 tips for customer’s listening on social media

Here are 5 tips that all businesses should practice to listen to customer voice on social media:

  • When Conversation happens: business owners should navigate where their customers discuss them to push content and effectively interact with them.
  • Learn from your competitors: Marketers, Business Owners,.. should learn from their competitors to develop more ideas in developing their business
  • Cooperation between teams: Different teams in a business can connect and work with each other to get useful information related to customers on social networks. Through discussions, these teams can share diverse prospective data and learn from each other.
  •  Be prepared for changes:In addition to understanding customer behavior, it is important to prepare for changes, especially when customers have different interactions/ comments about your brands. 
  • Make an action plan: If you don’t take action, you’ll just end up at the social monitoring, not social listening. It is necessary to ensure that the collected data will be analyzed carefully and from there can open important insights for future strategy. 

Wrap up!

That’s everything about how social listening can boost your eCommerce business. Try to make use of this to grow your business! If you are finding suitable products to sell on your site, do not hesitate to contact Printway!

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